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Tropic Thunder


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This is what "Scary Movie" dreams to be.

Ben Stiller really, really just went all out and it's the funniest movie of the year.

So many parodies: Christian Bale, Brokeback Mountain, Ringtone Rap, Tom Hanks, Russel Crowe, Hollywood management, War Movies, italian actors....

seriously, the cast is all star, with a certain good friend of Will Smith's putting in the funniest moment on camera in the last few years......

I really really suggest seeing this...some of the jokes are too smart for some of the public to get...like the connection between the Machinist/Christian Bale's anorexia and Robert Downey Junior's pigmentation twist to be black...

Oh, and be aware right at the beginning...the previews will get you....


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I loved Tropic Thunder, definitely one of the best comedys of the year IMO. So many classic scenes in there, it definitely something worth watchin more than once. The cast was amazing, how can you not check out a movie with Stiller and Black in it.

But I think I liked Step Brothers just as much as this one if not a little more.

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wow that definintely shows how much different our tastes are in movies. I personally didnt think the movie was funny at all, I laughed a total of three times. I really was tempted to walk out of this movie.

to each his own I suppose...

I guess Tropic Thunder for me continues my Arrested Development, Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Stella, etc...type of humor...very quirky and many times built off of inside jokes.

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I really wanna see Tropic Thunder. I have since i've seen the stand up in the local movie theater. Just the stand up enough is funny enough to be worth my $9. I heard lots of good things about it from friends. I've missed ALOT of movies this summer, but i won't miss this one.

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do you think its better than pineapple express?

i liked that alot, but i want to ssee this too

i have yet to see pineapple express...and now that i'm back to school in a few hours, i doubt i will for some time.

it was between the two movies and i had some people really really recommend tropic thunder...so i am glad i listened

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I think this is my favourite film i've ever seen

robert downey jr should be given the oscar for this one, out of this world

and the cameo's are genious!!

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