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I've entered another competition

Da Brakes

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If we can get 15 comments for Brakes by the end of the week I will post a picture of young Ewan (Brakes) playing in the bathtub naked!

Brakes, on a totally unrelated note, I need you to PM a picture of you playing in a bathtub.

Too funny!! :lol:

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ok we can start voting, apparently 3 times a day per act. I think it would be nice for brakes to come back from his honeymoon to see people have been voting for him, we need a better responce than with the comments. Lets go!

edit: i was just reading about it on the site, the top 25 artists with the most votes get to the auditions which is a tv show, lets at least get brakes on tv.

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LOL... so i see... its ALL about U again huh lil grasshoppeR? :fencing:

BEST LUCK BRAKES!!!!!! Ive started bulletins on myspace... and have finally left a comment after voting 2day... sorry bout the delay with my

comment bruh.

~ cookie

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