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Yesterday was the spanish premiere of Collateral in Madrid & I MET JADA!!!!!!!!!!!
I got an autograph and I picture with her!!!!!!she was sooo nice :bowdown: I could talk to her for a seconds because it was when most of people who was waiting for Tom Cruise left...Tom was great too & I got a picture with him!!!
WOW in 3 years I've met Will & Jada!!!!! :thumb:
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I told her that I like her music and her face was like: SOMEBODY KNOWS ABOUT MY MUSIC HERE!!!!!hahah it was a surprise face so I got a big thank you with a big smile!!!she's great and Tom was very nice and fun.. hahhaha
hey mfuqua!don't worry I'm sure you'll meet Will someday I never thougth I was going to meet him and now I've seen him twice!!!!!
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[quote=Cyrano,Sep 2 2004, 12:38 PM]Yo para variar me lo perdí,Sandy.Me alegra k hayas podido hablar con Jada,tiene pinta de ser muy buena gente...
A ver si a la próxima me invitas a los madriles y voy contigooo¡¡¡¡¡

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