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Better In Time ~ Leona Lewis

Same here...i just turned on VH-1 and the video is playing. This is probably my favorite song off her album. The video is just as beautful as the song.

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My friend won tickets 2 a Snoop Dogg show 2morrow night. I can't wait 2 hear her review. Snoop isn't really known for his performances...and the ones i have from back in the day aren't that impressive. But the LL comment wasn't cool. LL has always been a deverse artist. Snoop on the other hand didn't start branching out lyrically until the 2000's. Most of his best work was from 1991-1993. U can't talk about weed and gangsta tales all your life from the hills.

RUN-DMC - Bounce

Collections (1993/2006)

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TAJ MAHAL + DJ JAZZY JEFF - Squat That Rabbit

Like Never Before (1991)

Man, i found out about this song almost 10 years ago and i haven't heard it until just now. There isn't nearly enough Jazzy Jeff in it...but oh well. Something "new."

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