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"i will definatly rap something when i have some time"

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The Hollywood superstar gets into a candid conversation with Prithwish Ganguly about his career, his wife and three boys, family and the superhero film Hancock

After Hrs: Which of these are Will Smith’s favourite persona — Will, the actor, Will, the singer or Will, the producer? And why?

Will Smith: I started rapping at the age of 12 years and did few albums at one point of time. I have also done movies like Pursuit of Happyness which is my personal favourite for which, I was nominated for Oscars. I think there is a bit of actor, singer and producer in me that makes me what I am. But above all, I think I am an actor first. Isn’t that a little diplomatic?

After Hrs: What attracts you to a film?

Will Smith: A nice story and an interesting character is what I try to find out before signing any film. But the foremost I thing that I try to judge and evaluate, is the nature of the project and the amount of cinematic liberties it can offer. Nothing should be exaggerated. Neither should it be suppressed.

After Hrs: Your last album was Lost and Found. Are you working on anything new?

Will Smith: For now, I am only and only focused on Hancock and then, will move on to other film projects like Seven Pounds and a few more. I will definitely rap something whenever I have some time. But for now, it’s just Hancock and my most powerful actor image that I am concentrating to balance. Hope people love me this way.

After Hrs: Do you listen to Indian music? What do you like about it?

Will Smith: I usually enjoy hip hop and rap music. Sorry to say, but can’t understand the Indian languages. But yeah, I really enjoy the beats and instruments used there. After all, music knows no barriers and languages. Music just soothes. It’s rocking! Isn’t it?

After Hrs: Who/what has been your biggest inspiration?

Will Smith: My children Trey, Jaden and Willow are the biggest sources of inspiration. I love them like nothing else. They inspire me to act and that makes me Will Smith. They are my critic and they are my fans. They are my life and of course my wife, who is the proud mother to my lovely little cute children.

After Hrs: Do we expect to see you as a director soon?

Will Smith: Right now, I am more interested in acting and music. So, direction is a later part of my career about which I have not decided yet. Go and watch Hancock, it won’t disappoint you in thinking of me as an actor. Don’t you think so that it’s taken me years to establish myself as the most powerful actor on the planet?

After Hrs: Did you relate to your character in Hancock?Will Smith: Hancock is complicated. Every day, he wakes up mad at the world. He doesn’t remember what’s happened to him and there’s no one to help him find the answers. He has good intentions, but has trouble connecting to the world around him. He flies drunk and is just the opposite of my character in real life.

Hancock is like the high school quarterback with all the talent in the world who can’t get his attitude right. He doesn’t realise that the reason his team isn’t winning is because his love and comprehension of the game is out — he doesn’t understand the beauty of teamwork. Being part of a group, interacting with other people, is the central, human idea. For Hancock, he finds himself in a totally isolated place until he meets a PR guy, who brings him back into the fold of society.

After Hrs: Was it difficult to portray Hancock?

Will Smith: It was very difficult to portray and take on this character ahead as it was totally opposite to what I am but see when you are an actor, you get to play God and sometimes you also get to play a devil. So acting is just doing everything you can’t manage to do… I loved that it was an authentic approach to a superhero. Peter didn’t throw away the genre of a superhero. He made a movie about a guy who was having problems but happened to be a superhero.


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I don't pay much attention to dude's contradictions anymore; I'm taking everything with a grain of salt. Which is why I didn't get overly hyped that he performed with Jeff in LA @ the Hancock premiere, just took it for what it was. I don't necessarily think he's gonna jump right back into music. That said, I hope there's some kinda language barrier or something and that these aren't direct quotes b/c he sounds like an ass with the whole "most powerful actor" stuff, I mean be a little humble.

I'm gonna say soemthing got lost in translation b/c they don't even realize one of his "three boys" is a girl.

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tbh, I can't even see him taking five months off. He's a workaholic, and he's already acting like it's gonna kill him.

It'll be interesting to see how much of him we see in the coming months.

I dunno I kinda noticed that you don't see him in as much movies a year compaired to other actors. Maybe it's because he's selective about which movies he is in

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