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d12 eminem?


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I waz just bein' goofy in that other post. I think The Slim Shady LP is dope. The Marshall Mathers LP is okay...but after that, i just think he just stopped caring. I think "Lose Yourself" waz a good song. Positive message and defintly something i could relate 2.

MC Hammer disses Eminem in his new single...it's kinda funny. The song is done old skool style on the lyric tip so even if people hear the song, they probably won't understand it just like they didn't understand "So Fresh." Edited by JumpinJack AJ
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:werd: I would like to hear MC Hammer dissin' Eminem, I never heard him diss anybody before.
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Yeah, MC Hammer dropped a promo-vinyl single 4 his song "Full Blast" w/ the summertime b-side "Sunshine." I waz actually in Bon Ton and all of a sudden, "Full Blast" started playing. I cracked up cuz i thought i waz the only person that knew about it. They had the music video on the TV screen!! I only caught the end and the TV waz so big that i waz hard 2 see the image, but i'm hoping it gets some play.

I'll see if i can't post some of the lyrics soon. He dosen't call out Eminem by his name but uses "8 Miles...2 more 2 go" in a lyric. He talks about a rapper who has a big mouth and a "bleached out wig". :roll: He also talks this rapper complaining how this girl and that girl hurt him, how he hates them, and that if he dosen't like girls, he should just come out a about.
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Guest lambertj3
[quote]I used 2 love Eminem when he 1st came out. But as his career went on, his creative and witty lyrics seems 2 take the back seat 2 his showbiz gimmicks and overall stupidity. I think he dose have talent, but i don't think he uses it nearly as often as he did when he came out.

I think D12 is pure garbage. Eminem clearly shines on all the stuff i've heard from them and the other guys are just really sloppy rappers with crappy lyrics. Eminem actually sounds better on "How Come" than he dose on his solo stuff. Maybe he should record 1 and 2 verse songs from now on. 

I like Dr. Dre, but he hardly ever releases anything. And i waz dissapointed in the late 90's after he waz like "gangsta rap is dead...gangsta rap is wack" but then he recorded and album where half of the material waz so-called gangsta. Aftermath isn't that great of a label in my opinion. They couldn't put out Rakim's album and Truth Hurts waz the only good act i heard from them. Other than Eminem and Truth Hurts, what have we heard from Aftermath since they started in 1996?!?

When we are dissing artists like 50 Cent, it's simply cuz they make awful music. There's so much talent and skillz out there, but that stuff often never makes it on the charts.[/quote]

aj aftermath puts out d12, 50 cent , and eminem, aftermath is a hot label, game recognize game
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[quote=lambertj3,Sep 3 2004, 06:10 AM]aj aftermath puts out d12, wack rapper , and that idiot, aftermath is a hot label, game recognize game[/quote]
tecknickly shady records puts out d12,emin3nm , 50cent. But the label shady/aftermath (em both) is hot.

PS. dis is gettin stupid changing the words of posts from that fool to "that fool" and wack rapper to "wack rapper" Edited by joetwizzy
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[quote=lambertj3,Sep 3 2004, 11:10 AM]aj aftermath puts out d12, wack rapper , and that idiot, aftermath is a hot label, game recognize game[/quote]
Yeah, but they are on Shady...which is distributed thru' Aftermath...4 obvious reasons. Aftermath has never made that much noize...stuff on Shady dosen't count as an Aftermath project. That's like saying that the Love & Basketball soundtrack and the Wild Wild West soundtrack were Interscope project just cuz Overbrook waz distributed thru' them.
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[quote=JumpinJack AJ,Sep 2 2004, 12:35 AM]just like they didn't understand "So Fresh."[/quote]
I got that song the other day. The 1st time I played it, I was like "What is this?" After that, I've loved it. The only thing I don't really like about it is how Will is in the beginning. He sounds too old. Like he's ancient hip hop.
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