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Guest Prince
Yeah buy it cheap if you can find it. I remember when I got Willennium. It was in MVC, cost me I think £17.99 (about $35), and the box was all scratch, cracked and broken. Made the guy change it, to an equally bad one but at least I could actually open it without the swing part falling off. Heh. Still, anything for a disc eh :thumb:
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You shouldnt buy Will Smith CDs used. All Will's albums can easily be found everywhere still.

I say its alright to download just as long as your gonna buy the album. I download Queen Latifah's "Black Reign" and half of 2pac's "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z" and I went out and bought both CDs. Downloading is also good to find hard to find stuff like remixes.
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Willennium often goes for about $10 brand new in most music stores where i live. Even if i lost the album and then downloaded it...i wouldn't be able 2 handle it...i'd have 2 own the album itself shortly after losing it.
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