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okay i know this is like the 10th LL post in the past month, this def deserves a new topic. To all the haters and people who said LL was sellin out (me! lol) this video this track is fireee!!! Can you say Mama Said Knock You Out 2008? Can you say the LL of 14 shots to the dome? HELL YESSS!! This is the best track hes mad so far





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LL has proved everyone wrong once again, he took his time with getting everything ready, putting out a great mixtape that's gonna lead to another great album, props for posting this video, this is real heat

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Now LL's the defination of consistancy, like I was trying to explain in that Lil' Wayne platinum thread is that the difference between him and rappers like Lil' Wayne is evident, it don't matter how much the garbage rappers sell or how long they've rapped they'll never match LL's quality

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This is ill. I love the energy, the swagga, the grit, etc. I can only give the beat a 7...but i feel it's done that way 2 contrast the slick sound of the last album...2 put total focus on his lyrics and timeless flow. LL is putting 2gether an album much better than most of us thought. The video is ill 2. That classic black and white look reminds me of some of the 90's best videos. I don't see this getting really radio play...but if it does, i'll be the only good Hip-Hop joint 2 be on the radio in the past year or 2.

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