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WILL SMITH is desperate to make a second BAD BOYS sequel, and begged director MICHAEL BAY at the MTV Movie Awards to reunite him with MARTIN LAWRENCE for a third movie.

The actor tackled Bay backstage at the bash on Sunday (1Jun08), before he stepped up onstage to collect the Best Male Performance award for his movie I Am Legend.

He told Bay, "We need Bad Boys 3. I was just watching Bad Boys 2. with my son and I told him you can't open a movie better. That's the best movie opening ever!"

Bay teamed Smith and Lawrence for the first time in 1995 and then again in 2003.



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Actually Martin is already in his 40's and Will is going to be 40 in ....3 months!!!!

here is the video with Will & Michael Bay...the video doesn't work very well at the end (i haven't found other with better quality)


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The only thing holdin it back as they said in the clip is they are so successful that its too expensive to get them together.. by the time sony pays for Will, Bay, Martin and bruckheimer thats probably 100 million and they havent even got to the budget for the movie

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