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im off on holiday

Jazzy Julie

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right im off to sunny wales (about an hours drive from my house lol), i will be back on saturday, its gonna be the longest i have ever been away from this site b4, how am i gonna cope.

I will hopefully come back in a better mood, bcoz i have been a bit moody lately, bcoz work is annoying me and i keep getting told off for things i didnt do! And there had better be news on switch when i get back. Prince and Tim dont post too much bcoz i will catch up on my posts when i get back.

c u all soon , i will miss you!!!!
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Yeh you are, i've been gone since Friday night and now its Monday afternoon, I've online an hour reading and replying to posts and still not finished.
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IM BACK, i had a fanstastic time, we didnt go far but i went with my 3 best friends so we had so much fun. We partied every night and went out all day, such as walking up giant mountains!! WHY?? One night in true Julie fashion we went to the on site club in fancy dress like a devil and french maid, lol and every1 looked at us, it was hilarious.

anyways im glad to see some new Will news and also that Prince and Tim havnt reached thier posting goals yet, so muha i will catch up now, and where has da brakes gone??
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