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Pet Peeve of mine

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I've noticed that whenever there's a Biography on about Will Smith they always do full research on his movies but they hardly ever bother with his music. Like in one of those TV specials they said that Will released Parents Just Don't Understand in 1988 and that's all they mentioned, they made it look as if Will had only ever released one song in his whole musical carea. Then in another one of those Biography's about Will they said that Big Willie Style was his third album when in fact it was his sixth. In these specials there's hardly ever any mention of his music apart from the odd remark like ''Oh Will Smith released this song in such and such a year'' and they miss out big chunks of his musical carea. They never mention the albums like And In This Corner and Code Red

I just wish that the people who do these Biography's on FP would do some proper research on his music

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That's what makes me so mad. Like I just recently tried to get my friend into JJFP. And I'm like "This is all their old albums." And he's like "Will rapped in the 80's?" And I'm like "yeah, he was a rapper first. " And he gets all excited - "OMG I thought Will was an actor who just made rap albums later! Who's this Jazzy guy? He looks like Jazz from FPO Bel-Air." I'm like "Dude, that's his DJ, he was a character on the show when he was." And he's like wow I didn't know that. And I mean I can't blame him because he wasn't born yet and neither was I when he did his early thing, but I like researched all that stuff and I mean even when I first saw the show I knew he was a rapper before. But it just kills me when people are like "OMG I love Will Smith I'm his biggest fan." And I say - "Ok how long you've been a fan for?" Since Men In Black, he's also a very good singer!" And I'm thinking wow are you serious?

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Yeah, it's a bit irritating. Most of the people looking up stuff for FP online are mostly interested in the acting so the people who are writing the articles are focusing mainly on that...i'm sure more than half of them are not experts on his music either. I'm sure FP doesn't mind, that's why he rarely mixes the music and the movies.

I remember being at a party 3 summers ago and some nerdy white kid waz talking about FP and giving him props for "U Saw My Blinker." The person he waz talking 2 was like "huh?" cuz they had never heard the song and the nerdy kid waz like "U know of the 1st Jazzy Jeff + Fresh Prince album?" Oh well, at least they were giving him props, i guess.

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