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New Hancock trailer


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I think that this looks great, and it's not even the trailer. It's just an extended tv spot. BUT! I hope that they put some more of the drama bits in the trailer that comes out next week. But even if they don't... This still looks like a great movie!

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C'mon i don't think it'll be a disapointment.. i'm sure they'll show a little bit more of the drama scenes in the next trailor.

I bet they won't. Sony want this to be a huge blockbuster $$$$ They won't reveal it's a drama or the charlize/will romance at all.. Yes I'm that cynical :kekeke:

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U have gotten quite cynical in the past year or 2....ha ha. What's up with that?

I couldn't get my computer 2 play this new trailor. I personally don't care if they are showing the drama side of it. I think a lot of people won't expect it...but i don't know if they can expect much at all since the movie seems kinda quirky. I think that anyone seeing it will be surprised and like the movie no matter what they expect.

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