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Will @ MTV's VMAs

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[quote=iceonly,Aug 27 2004, 03:14 PM]Next year he's gonna be there but not as a presenter.
He will be nominatesd in everything possible.

JJ+FP Will bring the house down[/quote]
:werd: this year will be fun to see Will and possibly more news on switch (he might even give us a release date in an interview) but next year will be even better!!

"and this years VMA music award goes to...... thank you"

and then we get to see eminem squirm in his seat again haha!!!!
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Hello all!
It would be really stupid, if he didn't act at the VMA's now!
I don't think he's gonna perform, but for sure I hope it. :dunno:
And when he's gonna perform, then which Track? :confused:
I'm gonna watch it only because of Will, like the most of u, too!
Let's see what he'll give us... :thumb:
bye! :nana: Edited by E - Style-Greesy - E
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According to Entertainment Tonight Will is announcing Shaq's arrival as he comes out of the ceiling,(who cares, I'd rather see FP and JJ perform) but knowing MTV and because of the location they'll probably play Miami as he's coming out...as far as I know Jada's his date, because they keep showing them together and talking about the couples that will be there...I know a few years ago he took Trey and his Mom and sister were there also...
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It airs Bank holiday Monday then every night next week in the UK.

I heard that all the presenters and stuff are arriving by boat instead of limo to the red carpet. I even heard Usher and P Diddy are having a massive row over whos boat will be bigger lmao.

I hope Will turns up in a really cool way that gets ppl talking.
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Shaq is the one who comes out of the ceiling...Will is supposed to be in the first ten minutes of the show...watch the pre show for his arrival by car, or boat, or who knows?
My bad...Will does come out of the ceiling...is it me or does Shaq look horrible? Will looks so little standing next to him. But then who wouldn't? :kekeke: Edited by willjadafan
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