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the battle game is back


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Hmmm... I'll sit this one out. Let you guys enjoy the game for once... :thumbsup:

And I will totally take advantage of that inorder to gain points :susel[1]: :fencing:

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how to play the game:


The battlemod is a mod where people can attack eachother with different types of weapons.

As soon as your EXP gets to 100% you will level up and your HP and Strength both will increased with a number between 1-10.

It is possible for a level 2 member to have the same stats as a level 3 member. You can attack everyone that is alive on the forum unless they have decided to quit the battle system.

You can attack 4 times + 1 more per every 10 levels.Both the number of attacks and the increase per level gain can be set by the admins in the ACP battle settings.

Your waiting time is 3 hours after your attack. This will be reduced with 10 minutes every 10 levels. This waiting and reduction time can be changed in the ACP battle settings

Example: A level 47 can attack 4 + 4: 8 times and has to wait 3hours - (10minutes x 4): 2 hours and 20 minutes before he can attack again.

Now for the specific parts of this mod:


You can attack an user by pressing the Attack Link in their profile.

As soon as you attack you will be able to pick a weapon(different strength usage) and attack him with it. Your attack can do 3 things:

1: Miss your opponent - If you miss, your attack you will do 0 damage and gain little EXP.

He will retaliate with a random attack that could harm or kill you.

2: Reduce your opponents HP - Depending on the weapon you have used you take away an X amount of your opponents HP.

However since your opponent is not dead yet he can retaliate with a random attack that could harm or kill you.

3: Kill your opponent - If you kill your opponent you will gain at least 1 frag. Depending on your opponent you can steal frags from him.

I think this is done by the previous attacks your opponent has done(how many kills on a row he has made)*. I am not sure about this though.

*example: if I kill 3 people and Punker kills me then he will gain 1 Frag + steal my 3 frags(the 3 in a row I made)

The higher in level you get the more weapons you can use.


HP/Strength potion: Restores part of your HP or Strength.

There are several levels of potions that restore different amounts of HP or Strength. Does not work when you are dead.

Life potion: Restores part of your HP and Strength.

There are several levels of potions that restore different amounts of HP and Strength. Does not work when you are dead.

Phoenix Down: Revives an user when he is dead with X HP/X Strength(depends on what phoenix down u use).

Can ONLY be used on ANOTHER MEMBER through the sidebar(or in his profile) when you are ALIVE. It wont work in any other combination.


There are different types of weapons. When your Strength goes up to an X amount you can see more weapons that you can use.

I will explain 1 type of weapon(the same goes for all other weapons):

The Holy Hand Grenade has a minimum Strength usage of 15. As soon as you have 15 Strength you are able to see and use this weapon.

The Maximum Strength Used shows how much strength this weapon can use.

If you are a higher level player and your strength stats are 14/75 you will NOT see this item.

You have to regain your strength with a potion in order to see the more powerful weapons.


Gil is the same as our Gold. You can gain Gil in several different ways:

1. For each post/thread you make or you can get an X amount of gil.

2. Through the Guilds(as set by the GM).

3. If you kill your opponent, you will gain a random amount of gil from you opponent.

4. If you win the battle but do not kill your opponent, then you can steal an x amount of gil from the loser.

With this Gil you can purchase potions to restore yourself. If you have saved up enough Gil you can buy a Guildhouse (will be explained later).


In the Atkshop you can buy your potions and see your inventory.

You can also donate Gil to another member. If you want to transfer an item you can also do it in the Atkshop.

Furthermore you can see the Richest Users and your own stats.


As soon as you gain enough Gil you can purchase a Guildhouse.

In the Guild you see several links. If you have not joined a Guild yet you have limited options.

You can see all the guilds out there and try to join them. Once you have joined them you can go in the Guildhouse or Resign from your Guild.

In the GuildHouse you can see several links. I will not explain these links, because there explained already in the subtext.

As a GM you can let members join, kick existing members, change the name of the guild, assign lieutenants and manage the gil that your Guild has.

You can set an X amount of gil that members can withdraw each 24 hours.

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