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The votes will be counted into the night and into tomorrow, but today we won states and we won delegates in every part of the country.

As of right now, we have won more states and delegates than Senator Clinton. It's a remarkable achievement we can all be proud of.

Tonight, we know one thing for sure -- our time has come, our movement is real, and change is coming to America.

At this moment in history, the stakes are too high and the challenges too great to play the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expect a different result.

This time must be different.

There will be those who say it cannot be done. But we know what we have seen and what we believe -- that when ordinary people come together we can still do extraordinary things.

Yes, we can.

Thank you so much,


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Barak and Hilary are basically even right now in terms of delegates and in terms of the popular vote so far. The big concern for Clinton is the next few weeks. Barak is looking strong in the coming primaries and caucuses over the next month, and if he manages to win them all or most of them, the momentum could dramatically affect the huge primaries in Ohio and Texas on March 4th. This could get even more interesting if Barak pulls ahead.

Barak also looks like the stronger of the two candidates vs. McCain, the presumptive Republican candidate. From what I hear, there are Republicans who are pulling for Hilary because they think McCain has a better shot against her than Obama. You're know you're doing well when the opposition supports your opponent because they're wary of you. This is like The Gauntlet or something.

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