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Will recently came out in support of Obama. If you don't know much about Obama, here's a recent speech he gave. He is charismatic, eloquent, and intelligent. His history as a civil rights lawer is a great contrast to another politician who's history is in baseball teams and failed oil companies. Not all American politicians suck. :)

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no way she will, i had this discission with my buds. america would take a black male over a woman for president. i want barack to win because he is a good guy. i think this election might be the first time in history we might actually get a black president. but a woman president might take a while for america to warm up to. she will have to be pretty damn good otherwise.

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Ha ha!! Thats true! It'd be good to see a black man as president of the USA. But only if he was the best man for the job! We have a lot of that here in the UK were people are given jobs solely because of their race to fulfil an ethnicity quota! Especially in the police! I'd rather the best person for the job rather than fulfilling statistics!

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I really hope he wins. I think he could do a good job and bring some credibility back to the U.S. He also hasn't been in Washington that long to have been corrupted by corporations. I think Hillary is a part of the "Washington establishment". She's a politician and I don't think she has the best interests of the American people in mind. I think she's a self-serving person who is only thinking about her legacy.

The bigger question is - would we even know who she was if she weren't married to Bill Clinton?

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Obama reminds me of Carcetti from The Wire.. someone who really wants to make a change but will eventually be brought down by the politics of it all.. I'd love to see him given the chance though.. He does have somethin special about him.. the wire is one of his fav shows as well so props for that

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I think this elections Democratic field is just phenomenally good. Obama, my favorite, he's just outstanding. I like his passion, his stances, and his openness. And I think he has a great chance to win. The other two front runners are strong as well. I really dig Edwards positions. He out lefts Obama, and left is always right! ;) I even like Hillary for the most part. She gets a lot of flack, but I think most people dislike like her for superficial reasons. Such as she's shrill. My main qualms with her is she's a bit hawkesh and and she thinks the government needs to protect the kids more than I think it needs to.

The second tier candidates aren't too shabby either. Biden puts his foot in his mouth too much, but he's got a lot of good answers. And a single father of two isn't too shabby of a role model these days. Richardson has a background in executive office, headed the department of energy, and was ambassador to the UN, all very relevant experience. And Gravel just entertains me to no end. :)

I think Obama has the best chance of winning the election. He's passionate enough to get a strong turn out and he's idealistic enough to inspire a lot of young voters to go to the polls.

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A Win That Won’t Be Forgotten


DES MOINES (Posted Jan. 4, 2008) – Sen. Barack Obama took time to thank everyone during the V.I.P. reception where they gathered to celebrate his victory before heading to the packed convention center of more than 2,000 people.

Large-screen televisions in both corners of the room glared as Sen. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) spoke to the crowd gathered at her headquarters. Obama entered the room and recognized each individual with custom thanks and hugs for their contribution to the big win.

Actor Hill Harper, from the television show C.S.I. New York, has been on the campaign trail for Obama for months. “This is my third trip to Iowa,” he told me. A native of the state – he was born in Iowa City – he came home to help the candidate he believed in. “He’s the best candidate and it was a resounding victory,” Harper said.

“We ran the most positive campaign, nothing negative about anybody,” Hill said. Hill focused on reaching out to college student along with friend and fellow actress, Tatyana Ali.

“I’ve been here three days, reaching out to college students and some high school students too,” Ali said. ‘It went so well, I was knocking door-to-door on dorm rooms all over the state,” she laughed.

Ali, best known as Ashley on the television show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, was a political science major, but this was her first experience campaigning for a candidate. “I never felt like this for any candidate; he’s going to lead us into to the next century,” she predicted.

Both Hill and Ali joined Obama on the stage during his victory speech. The outreach for the younger voters appears to have worked for Obama; he racked up the youth vote 1 to 5.

Obama told the crowd, “Years from now we’ll look back at this moment and remember this was the place where we believed in hope.”

Obama’s signature salute was met with cheers and screams, “Change is coming to American.”

Yes, change is a comin’!


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