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I Am Legend star Will Smith exclusively tells MTV News he’ll play a gig in London next year……


Everybody loves Will Smith. They must do – he’s just broken box office records with a film starring, well, pretty much just him, making him undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the world.

The Fresh Prince was in Leicester Square last night for the Premiere of his new film and the nice guy that he is signed autographs for over an hour, despite the cold!

But acting is of course just one string to the Smith bow, and when MTV News’ Rickie sat down for a chat with the big man before the London premiere of ‘I Am Legend’, he revealed that he hasn’t given up on music:

“I’ll probably just tour with the old material, but I’ll definitely have a concert here in June as that’s when my next film (Hancock) is coming out so I’ll connect the tour to the premieres”


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Will Smith reveals 2008 tour plans

Will Smith has revealed that he is planning a return to performing music with a 2008 tour.

The Hollywood star confirmed that he would be restarting his pop career in the new year, but added that he had no plans to record new material.

Smith confirmed: "I probably won't create any new music but I will be on tour with my old music, not my old music, sorry - my classic songs - later next year."

The I Am Legend star hasn't recorded an album since 2005's Lost And Found LP.

His last UK single 'Party Starter' charted at number 19.


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