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  1. Nice to hear that you like it and thank you for making me aware that I forgot to put the link to the video in my post, I edited my post now it's in there :)
  2. video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=yj6aEmTG2T4 I'm a little busy at the moment so don't expect to much from it. It's basically a mix of the Summertime music video and a bit of other video material mixed into it, overall I must say I kinda like how it turned out. It gives me the summer feeling and I suppose that's the meaning of the song :) Tell me what you think about it, please be honest, if you like it or think it sucks feel free to tell it It's finished :)
  3. Yeah I'd also see it, good interview but still I don't like Robert Jensen :thumbdown:
  4. Tell Me Why and Just Cruisin' are the only Will Smith songs that come close to his JJ&FP time in my opinion.
  5. Nice to hear that you like it, my Flashing Lights video is also quite popular on YouTube :) I'm thinking of making a JJ&FP video soon, if it is finished I'll let y'all know ;)
  6. I made my own Flashing Lights video 5 months ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IThF-Nlc818 I think the official video is kinda weird...
  7. Not only their best song in my opinion, but also one of my all-time favourite songs!
  8. I need this Instrumental for something creative I'm making. Also, if possible, an acapella version would be a nice addition. Many thanks go out to y'all helpfull people out there. ;)
  9. Good topic :) I'm learnin' this at the moment.
  10. I totally agree on that one. That’s also the reason why I like I Am Legend so much, even though I think I Robot is just a oke movie. I would rate I Robot a 6,5 out of 10 nice movie but nothing special.
  11. I watched it at the cinema with friends and back then I would give it something like a 7, interesting movie but the end was a bit of a letdown. The scene where Sam dies is really touching and good acted by Will, you can feel the despair and sadness from his face. Also the scenes in the movie store are quite fun and good acted. I watched it for the second time with my sister and now I think it deserves an 8. If you watch this film for the second time you will notice more details and everything is easier to understand because you know everything about the flash backs and stuff. Like somewhere at the begin of the movie when Sam runs into the dark and Will is in panic it will make allot more sense knowing what might happen to Sam and the emotions Will is feeling and stuff. 8 out of 10, good movie.
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