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Christmas In Hollis - Run DMC


Merry Christmas yall! Only five days left, wow time flies.

What are yall planning on doing over christmas this year?

Also, I was just wondering if someone could upload JJFP's Family Christmas b-side song. I used to have it on laptop before I had problems with it. Much appreciated if someone could hook me up, I love listening to it on xmas day haha.

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I'm not even sure what i'm doing. I think family is coming over 2 my crib...which is great. Not 2 be a baby, but i've only had one day off since Thanksgiving. I've been working 60 hours a week, over exhausted, and pretty sick. This is the 2nd year that Chrismas has been ruined by my job. I have 2 listen 2 Christmas music and force myself 2 aknowledge that it's even a holiday. The only angle i can look at it from at work is that i am creating people's gifts and creating their holiday postcards. I'm creating memories that will last a life time that record a single second in peoples lives. I wish my co-workers had that attitude becuz most of them have bad attitudes and it's making everyone miserable.

My victim state of mind is completely my fault tho.' I need 2 make myself realize this is a time for family, a time to give, a time to realize the real Truth what this life regularly distracts me from. Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays, y'all.

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Im actually hopping on a train today back to Kettering for Christmas. My sisters old Rock band Defenestration (Wikipedia them) are reforming for a one off reunion show tonight and i am DJ'ing the event. Its great mainly cos everyone is coming together for it and the turn out will just be a bunch of great people.

So yep spending the holidays with family and my hometown friends, but most likely be back up in Sheffield for the New Year. Not gonna be online much over Christmas cos wont have internt access in my house back in Kettering but will be keeping up at a friends.

Merry Christmas Everybody.

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I always go over to my grandparent's house on christmas eve, and on christmas I just hang out with my family. My sisters will come over and we will all just spend the day together.

Christmas break is finally here for me officially as of right now!

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Im going to Nyc tomorrow noon, to spend my xmass vacations there. It will be the first time i spend my holidays outside of Dominican Republic, the first time I see the snow and most importantly the first time i spend it without my family....

It will not be easy, but it will be a new experience. Im going to see im legend, im going to the time square on new years eve, im going to a knicks game, and who knows.....


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