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  1. "We ain't talkin bout practice" well, they (iverson & melo) better start practicing together if they ever wanna go deep in the playoffs!!!!
  2. i did this for IAL, how much money do yall think Hancok is gonna make? Im thinking 200-250 range in the US... :thumbsup:
  3. happy belated birthday brotha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party: how could i be late!!!!!!! hes me brotha!!!!!!!! :lol:
  4. hmmmmm.... if it happens then cool! but it seems like just another rumor to me.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc_C3tvWRQ4 it looks A LOT bl00dier than the first one... :stickpoke:
  6. seriously, whats the point in registering and not postin!?
  7. i'd fly to the moon, and wait for the zombies to go away... seriously tho, idk if i COULD survive!
  9. it looks good from the previews! i just hope they don`t ruin them like they did Garfield (love da comics! just the movie was terrible!)............. :shakehead:
  10. How much money do yall think I Am Legend will make? Im thinkin at least over 300million in da US. Worldwide, it could do big things! :wickedwisdom:
  11. great article! Thanks dude! :thumbsup:
  12. first off id like to thank my brotha trey 4 helpin me a bit wit dis song. he like ma producer/help writier, lol. hope ya like it! enjoy! Lil Smoker - "My Time (Intro)" (VERSE ONE) SMOKER! yo thugs n gangstas, put away yo swordz coz some good cds are headin in storez my time to spit this rhyme your time to go kick the time lil smoker smokin his way to fame n on his way repairin the game ive been rappin sice i was 9 years old y u poppin that thing like u been told? my freestyle is gonna kill ya n flip ya Fast as a cheeta, slick like a cobra i aint smokin weed or pockets full of cash i write rhymes that work, not full o trash blasted u freakin folks outta tha water i take an ol beat, and make it hotter Keeping my eyez on the prize It don't matter the size im the hustler of this street dis game is crazy, jus take a seat sick n tired of yall talkin crap coz this marks the rebirth of rap (CHORUS) Yall know this is my time (my time) Dont mess, dis is my rhyme (my rhyme) Whatever I do, its my crime (my crime) Y u wanna mess wit my dime? (my dime) (repeat twice then fade..)
  13. u look like u starin down her shirt dawg. :jusmindyabizness:
  15. NE-YO - WHEN YOU'RE MAD (In My Own Words) 2006
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