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I was flipping thru the channels and came across the E! True Hollywood Story of Will Smith. Of course most of us all know the story, but I thought it was cool to watch. I thought it was old, but it was brand new, since the last thing they mentioned was 'I Am Legend'. They added that it will be the most grossed movie ever, even more than Will's last. I'm not sure about that, but it does seem like a very hype movie. I'm looking foward to seeing it when I can.

I'm curious what role Jada tried out for on the FPOBA. So if anybody is looking for some Will to watch, check out E! for when they'll show this again.

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I left a reminder for it in the TV thread, I thought folks would catch it if they could, there's lots of appearances with dates and times there so you guys may wanna check it out if you haven't. His THS airs again later today. It was pretty interesting even though like fuQ said, we all pretty much know the story there was commentary from:

-a couple of his old teachers and a childhood friend

-Ready Rock C

-Kel Spencer

-James Avery, Joseph Marcell, Tatyana Ali, Daphne Maxwell Reid (from FPOBA)

-some movie critic, and reporter in Philly

-video footage/commentary from older interviews: Janet Hubert-Whitten, Will's mom, Jada, Quincy Jones...among others

*oh and to answer you guys' question, I think Jada tried out for the part of Jackie that went to Tyra banks b/c it was earlier in the series before Lisa/Nia came on, around the time she got "A Different world" like 1991/1992, plus the reason they told her she didn't get the job is b/c she was too short, and Nia's not really that much bigger than Jada, and she was on towards the end of the show.

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"The E! True Hollywood Story: Will Smith

Will Smith is a member of an extremely elite club - one of very few artists who have found great success in three media: film, television, and music.

Rating: TV-14. Also Ready Rock C the third Original Member of the Group Debuts in this Documentary.

Scheduled to Air:

Sunday, Dec 9, 1:00p

Monday, Dec 10, 1:00a

Monday, Dec 10, 5:00p

Thursday, Dec 13, 1:00p

Saturday, Dec 15, 4:00p "

from myspace Ready Rock C bulletin


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