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  1. 1. Do You Still Watch Lost?

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    • Never watched an episode in my life!

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Yeah, I've watched it from day one! I agree, it is a bit slow, but I love the whole flashback idea. Judging on season three's finale, this next season should be great!

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im a bit lost with lost at the moment, i think we finished season 3 a while back. But on the second to last episode of the season i missed it, i meant to catch the repeat and i missed that too, then i watched the last in the series and i was like "what?", nothing made sence (well it never does anyway). im hoping before season 4 comes the repeat the season again and i'll catch up.

basically i hate it but i love it, i cant stop watching.

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I'm a huge Lost fan! Seen every episode and listen to a million Lost podcasts. They just signed a deal to continue the show until 2010 in its sixth and final season. and it returns in Feb. It is slow at times but think about the mysteries they have solved, we know whats in the hatch, we (kinda) know who the "Others" are and we know how the plane crashed. So stick with it! The bad news is that because of the writers strike this season might have only 8 episodes.

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