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Sales don't mean much 2 an artist...and FP is an artist. If the album dosen't do 2 well, i can see why that would persuade him 2 hang up the mic...but he also seems 2 stubborn and determined 2 let that happen.

When i said i didn't mind if he dropped another Born To Reign, i meant musically. Sure, it wazn't exactly what i wanted...but who am i 2 tell FP what 2 do. He did his own thing and he did what he wanted 2 do...that's an artists. People like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Eminem tend 2 give fans what they want. Nothing is wrong with that, but why surpress your artistic abilities (if u have any) just 2 make people happy and not be yourself in your music.
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But if will does drop another B2R album, he wont be heard as much as he wants so he cant show his music side, i believe he will give the fans what they want, but also do his own thing aswell with this album

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Hey now even if this album doesn't go platinum, it doesn't mean that Will should consider retiring, he should only consider retiring if he runs out of ideas to talk about, but that shouldn't happen, since when ur an artist there's always something out there that inspires you. I don't wanna hear a Will Smith album wit mostly party songs on it 'cause I know that there's other things that he wants to mention and I hope that he expresses himself more. I liked "Born To Reign" 'cause even though it wasn't his lyrical best, he pushed the enevelope and he wasn't focusing on the lyricism, it had it's own unique style. Every album should sound different! Like I said before if Will really has a lot of passion for his music, he'll be motivated to do it even if there becomes a time where he doesn't sell much records, he'll do it for the love of the art like KRS-ONE and Jazzy Jeff do, none of Jazzy Jeff's mixtapes go platinum but he's still busy as ever. As long as Will's working wit Jazzy Jeff, he'll be motivated 'cause Jazzy Jeff wouldn't let him retire, he'll keep Will grounded like he has been. :dj: Edited by bigted
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:bowdown: like the smiley, i'm praying this album performs well. we're all a lot skeptical following the performance of 'born to reign'. i'm from nigeria, in africa. and a lot of folks down here don't feel will. i do. i don't feel him for his music only or his career in movies. i think he is what the ultimate showbiz personality should look like and emulate; he is my greatest role model. but even though the album don't do well, we should be proud and happy as his fans that we have something new from him. and finally, i think it's high time will considers retiring from music. cause lets face it, rappers/mcs in their late 30's nearing 40 are not attractive to the listening public and i'm sure will knows this, so this album should prove he's still good. :bowrofl:
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Although i think its too soon for him to retire, i think bowing out with a final album is a good way of retiring from the rap game. Atleast then your not going out cos of crap sales.
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