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SCAR, CEE-LO, BIG BOI, + DJ SWIFF - (You Caught Me) Smilin'

Different Strokes by Different Folks (2005)

I wasted so much time getting around 2 this Sly + The Family Stone tribute album....it's amazing. Will.I.Am, The Roots, John Legend, Joss Stone, Devin Lima, John Mayer, Chuck D, D'Angelow, Janet Jackson, etc...

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In 1993, LaFace released A LaFace Family Christmas. It features 2 songs by TLC (Sleigh Ride and All I Want For Christmas). Both of them are excellent. They were done between the time of OoOoOoOohhh...On The TLC Tip and CraZySeXyCOol. The sound leans closer 2 their 1st album. It also features "This Christmas" by a young Usher, the classic "The Christmas Song" by Toni Braxton and 2 great songs by A Few Good Men. It randomly features "Playas Ball" by OutKast only becuz they didn't do a Christmas song for the album...ha ha. It also includes a song by McArther (a guy LaFace never really pushed at the time). It's a great album and it was re-released a few years back at a very cheap price. If u can't find it, i'll try 2 track it down for ya if u want a copy. It's one of my favorite Christmas albums. There's also a very rare remix of "Sleigh Ride" that waz never released which is excellent. U can find it on the promo that usually goes 4 a VERY high price on ebay.

CHRIS BROWN - This Christmas

This Christmas Soundtrack (2007)

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