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Both "Graduation" and "Curtis" Leak


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HA HA HA HA HA!!! That's the funniest stuff later. Tough guy 50 Cent wants 2 be all egotistical, but then when he talks tons of trash about outselling someone, he falls flat on his face and wants 2 point the finger 2 everybody else even tho' he's the one making wack music.

It's amazing how he can say he'll quit if he were 2 sell less than Kanye...but then he does and he changes it 2 releasing something everytime DefJam releases something...ha ha. Just when i thougth he couldn't say something more idiotic than the last thing he said...he does.

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I wanted to give 50 a chance, after I saw him buildin with KRS on Rap City and all, but looking at the song titles and listening to the 30-sec snippets on iTunes, it sounds like he's doing the same 'ol ish. Too bad. I was hoping he'd come a little more grounded.

I got a question: if I haven't bought either of Kanye's first two albums and heard them in their entirety, is there any point in buying this one (other than to spite 50)?

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I got a question: if I haven't bought either of Kanye's first two albums and heard them in their entirety, is there any point in buying this one (other than to spite 50)

If you dislike 50 that much... go for it! :fencing:

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I got a question: if I haven't bought either of Kanye's first two albums and heard them in their entirety, is there any point in buying this one (other than to spite 50)?

If you enjoy the creativity in rapping/rhyming but also enjoy a wide range of music instrumentals, like soul, rock, alternative, techno...then you'll enjoy Kanye's album simply for the different approach.

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Okay, i waz pretty fed up with Kanye during his last album. Y'all know that. Recapping on the history of Kanye, i liked his producing skillz before he got big. That joint he did on Jermaine Dupri's 1st album is crazy. Totally sums up the fly mainstream '98 Hip-Hop sound. When he 1st came out on "Slow Jamz" and "Through The Wire," i really liked his style. He waz just kinda different...at least compared 2 the commerical rappers ruining the game at the time...and i liked that. I thought "All Falls Down" waz dope and "Workout Plan" waz funny...even tho' it wazn't that good. I got the album and thougth the skits were awful. They weren't funny the 1st time around, much less the 10th time. I thought the album waz a 7 or 7.5 outta 10. However, it had no staying power 4 my taste and a pretty much never listened 2 it. Then for Late Registration, i picked that album up at the great sale price just cuz of the hype...even tho' i thought "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" waz awful. "Gold Digger" followed and thought that waz kinda fun. However, by the 7th listen i realized it just may be the most annoying Rap song ever. I thought the production on that album waz dope. 8.5 outta 10. But one thing got in the way. Kanye's presense on the mic. His lyrics bounce back and forth between average to kid stuff. His flow is tragically bad. After that followed his idiotic mood swings, egotrips, and "George Bush doesn't care about black people." The man's lack of skill and personality have by far out grown his good production skillz. He's annoyed me and i've had no interest in him.

Fastforward 2 this week. Nothing had really changed. I thought "Can't Tell Me Nothing" sucked more than anything. The production, and Kanye on the mic...garbage. That vocal sample waz the only redeeming quality 2 the song. But i do like "Stronger"...alot. I waz just really feeling it. I saw clips of him interviewing recently on BET and stuff and he talked about nothing the egotistical fool he's portrayed himself and stuff like that, which made me stop disliking him so much. And then there's the motivation of making 50 Cent eat his words. That freakin' idiot has had 2 much success 4 2 long. I can't stand him...what a fool. So i went out and got Graduation. So, reprograming my mind 2 be open 2 another Kanye album, here's my review....

KANYE WEST - Graduation

GOOD MORNING - The 1st 10 seconds are the build up 2 a great song, but then the beat goes nowhere and does nothing. Uh-oh, did i waste my money? The vocal bit on the "hook" waz crappy and Kanye's vocals are about as bad as the ones on his weaker tracks. Didn't like this one at all. 3/10

CHAMPION - Okay, he fixes things on this one. The production is upbeat and Hip-Hop mashed up with some mainstream flavor. The vocal sample is on point and Kanye's flow-limitations are not as profound AND swallowed up in the beat. Pretty good song. 8/10

STRONGER - I just love this. The production is perfect Hip-Hop for the 2007. Not commercial, but with mainstream swagga. The lyrics are stronger 2 Kanye's expectations and are appropriate 4 the song. I waz thinkin' 2 myself how this song just thumps with energy...it reminded me of how Timbaland mixes a track, and what do u know...he programed it. 9/10

I WONDER - This is another dope one. The beat keeps the tradition of the previous 2 trax going. The only thing i don't like about the beat is the synths. The vocal sample, the piano, the beat, is otherwise dope. Kanye's vocals fit pretty good on this one 2. 8/10

GOOD LIFE - This joint features T-Pain...and that's a good thing. At least 4 me. I like T-Pain and his brings extra fire on this one. The beat has those same over the top synths on it, but otherwise this one is really good. Kanye's flow isn't good, but the lyrics fit. The extra thump can be credited 2 Timbaland's mixing. 8/10

CAN'T TELL ME NOTHING - Awful. The beat sucks. It really sucks. The vocal sample is fly. I can tell Kanye has a message on this one, which i'm not mad at, but i think it's way 2 overdramatic 4 his respective vibe as a rapper. Let's skip 2 the next song. 4/10

BARRY BONDS - How do u make Kanye West seem like a better rapper?? U put him on the track with one of the worst rappers 2 ever stand near a mic...Lil' Wayne. The beat has some nice sounds in the mix but the basic sound doesn't vibe with them. 5.5/10

DRUNK AND HOT GIRLS - Wow, this one sucks. This is actually worse than "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Good Morning." Even worse, one of the main reasons i got this album waz cuz Mos Def waz on it...sadly, it's this wack peice-of-crap-of-a-song he's on. This is trash. Kanye totally shows u just how much he can suck lyrically and flow wise. I will never listen 2 this song again. 1/10

FLASHING LIGHTS - This is pretty good. The cheap-sounding synths are annoying, but the foundation of the beat is really good. The moments that the synths are ruining it, the beat is actually dope. Kanye found the rhythm of this joint 2. Soul singer Dwele takes the song 2 the next level. 7.5/10

EVERYTHING I AM - Pure dopeness. DJ Premiere pops up 2 lay some scratches down. The beat is dope...laced with a fly piano. Man, the beat is so good. Kanye is kinda on point on this one...the down 2 earth persona he shows only enchances it. Wow, i'm impressed. 8.5/10

THE GLORY - Another good one. The sped up vocals are buried in the mix. I waz always a fan of sped up vocals until Kanye overdid it and claimed it as his own signature style. Now that those days have passed, i welcome it. The production is solid and Kanye fits his vocals on it nicely. 8/10

HOMECOMING - Another nice beat with a nice hook. Not as fly as some of the other, but still darn good. Kanye gets a bit 2 sloppy vocally. Average lyrics. 7/10

BIG BROTHER - Well, the album started off with a wack song...so it's gotta finish off with a wack one. The production is barely bareable. The subject matter is crazy wack tho'...it's about Jay-Z. Just stupid. 4/10

So overall, Kanye has won over my attention. As long as he manages 2 not be an idiot in any more interviews, i respect his average status in Hip-Hop. Why i belive his beats are sometimes overrated, they are pretty good consitantly. He will never have a flow and better than Puffy's and his lyrics will never be impressive, but i think the album is good and perfect complements mainstream Hip-Hop while commerical rap is in a state that doesn't have anything going 4 it. I give the album a 7/10. I am impressed. I'll hold off on the Kanye dissing as long as he doesn't turn around and go the other way.

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I thought drunk and hot girls was hilarious! We all know people who follow that lifestyle, and the kind of problems they get into...and the beat is really spooky. I thought it was very inventive...And Mos Def's presence should have been expanded upon through a rap verse but i thought his little break was very fitting. I think it's one of the songs where there are some people who will love and others will hate.

And how is "i wonder" a 2.8?

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Here's my review of Graduation:

Good Morning - laid back beat; nice intro song on the album. West is not to be confused with a great lyricist but he matches the laid back beat nicely(Grade = 8/10)

Champion - fierce beat by Kanye but he should have given this beat to Lupe cuz Lupe would have killed this beat; again, no complex lyrics but clever nonetheless(Grade = 8.5/10)

Stronger - I love the fact he sampled Daft Punk on this one. Love it.(Grade = 10/10)

I Wonder - I really like Kanye's extra-slow delivery on this track. I also like the fact he's really sticking with the synth-beats.(Grade = 9/10)

Good Life - even though I'm not a fan of T-Pain, he & Kanye work well over this Michael Jackson sample. Cool song(Grade = 7.5/10)

Can't Tell Me Nothing - at first I hated this song but it grew on me. Kinda funky despite its slow-as-molasses beat(Grade = 7.5/10)

Barry Bonds - I really don't like Wayne but Kanye found a way to contain Wayne and keep the wackness to a minimum; maybe Wayne was at his best when he's just doing guest spots. Beat is sick though.(Grade 7/10)

Drunk & Hot Girls - I have one word for this song - HILARIOUS!!!!! One of my faves on this album. I wish Mos Def had a verse on this track but it's one of Kanye's most clever songs(Grade = 9.5/10)

Flashing Lights - didn't like how the song starts but then the heavy synth brought this song to life. Another one of my faves(Grade = 9.5/10)

Everything I Am - Premier provides the classic scratches but West's delivery could have been better. (Grade = 7/10)

The Glory - O.K. song; nothing special(Grade = 6.5/10)

Homecoming - Chris Martin lays it down on the chorus; beat is kinda gospel-like(the piano reminds me of church); Kanye's flow is good on this track(Grade = 8.5/10)

Big Brother - very personal song on his sort-of "strained" relationship with Jay-Z; cool beat and Kanye feels humble on this track; another fave of mine(Grade = 9.5/10)

Bonus ITunes track: Good Night(feat. Al Be Back & Mos Def) - cool track; Al Be Back's flow is better than Kanye's; Mos Def again provides the chorus; should have rapped on this one(Grade = 7/10)

Overall - while not a classic like College Dropout, Graduation again shows West experimenting and not following tired cliches that's poisoning rap right now. West is an average lyricist(and we all know that) but he's at his best when he doesn't try so hard to be a good one. He suceeds for the most part but there's not a classic song(or songs) that really define this album. He had Jesus Walks for Dropout. He had Diamonds from Sierra Leone for Late Registration. Even without that defining song on Graduation, he still delivers one of 2007's best hip-hop albums.

Grade = 8/10

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Yeh im a Daft Punk fan so when Stronger came out it annoyed me a little but then he had done a good job with the sample. Makes a change for him as the song is only bout 5 years old anyway but maybe wasn't a hit in the states when it was released.

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im a bit dissapointed in this album. I really like his last 2, but this one just isnt as eclectic as them. i liked songs like workout plan, touch the sky and all falls down, his album doesnt seem to have any of those types of songs on it. ive only listened to it twice so many it will grow on me, its ok, just not as good as i expected, best song s are stronger and the glory. Drunk and hot girls is funny but its kinda annoying i think.

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