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Both "Graduation" and "Curtis" Leak


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By the way, nobody is bringing anymore albums reviews to the forum, cmon guys,

Man you be taking shots left and right...

Jay said it best...

"I hear you debatin me lately, ive been doin my best to stay hater-free

Still watch what you say to me!

Sooner or later ill take you up on your offer and put you all in your place like im replacing your father..."


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Guest lambertj3

It's clear which album did better. Has 50 Cent even released any other singles or videos. I don't listen 2 the radio much or watch TV, but i haven't heard anything since the time the album dropped. Kanye's steam has weakened but he's still promoting the album in the midst of everything he's going thru'. I'll still never throw Kanye West in the category of one fo the greatests...but it's clear that this is one of the cases where good music prevailed over the bad.

p.s. Everytime i go 2 music store, they have TONS of Curtis albums. They just can't move the ones they got from it's debuting week...ha ha.

Sorry to disagree with you but the curtis album was number one in several music stores out here even though kanye won the billboard battle the curtis album was still a hot album

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Guest lambertj3

I never said it wasnt... But he did lose, and 50 really wanted that first place Lambert..

thats true he did lose btw i love the kanye and t-pain collabo

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he does great productions though

I say we get a petition signed to stop the damn voice modifier.

FIRST T-Pain. Then Snoop. Then Usher. Then Lil Wayne.


Oh and while we're at it, let's ban the kiddie-production loops. I mean the soulja boy instrumentals, lolipop instrumentals, the usher instrumentals (that polow da don refuses were from garage band although a youtube video by a 15 year old shows it is in fact the same loops on garage band)...really anything that feels like it belongs on a cartoon channel rather than a hip hop song...and then for it to go and be rapped over about sex, drugs, and alcohol just makes my brain explode....

sorry for the absolutely off-topic rant. i just think t-pain has infected hip hop with this absolutely terrible form of singing that is catching like wildfire.

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50 Cent Fan Demands an Apology for Curtis

Taking a cue from the 14-year old who sued 50 Cent for "promoting the gangsta lifestyle," Kevin Alloca and his attorney have prepared a lawsuit against 50 Cent for his Curtis LP. According to the lawsuit, "Mr. Allocca seeks remuneration for damages totaling $14.99 from Mr. Cent as well as an apology for making the album Curtis, which Mr. Allocca alleges is not good at all." He continues that the album's redundant content and the CD's poor aerodynamic quality render it useless "for both listening to and throwing." Even though Alloca's article was intended as a joke, I can't help but wonder if anyone else genuinely felt that way about Curtis.

source: rap.about.com

Theres a lot of people that are going to be suing then...

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