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Will helps Britney


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The only reason why Britney sells records is 'cause of stupid teeny bopper guys that don't know a damn thing about good music buy her albums! :nhawong: The only type of movies that Britney would be good at is porno movies 'cause all the only talent that she has is showing off her ass! :roll: :ditto:
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Although im not a fan of her music Britney is a good pop artist. She wouldn't still be around now otherwise. Yeh she's done some stupid things in her life but everyone has and the press just make things 100 times worse for celebrities. Lets just hope they don't do a song together. :kekeke:
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[quote=mfuqua23,Aug 22 2004, 08:34 PM]But bigred, as males; who R we 2 argue wit that? If it feels good do it...

*Uncle Phil pops up* "Everything that feels good is wrong, do U hear me!"[/quote]
Hey I ain't complaining! :kekeke: I ain't gonna front 'cause like many guys I wouldn't pass it if I had a chance to have a moment wit her but that doesn't mean that she's talented, but I wouldn't tell her that though if I met her. :switch:
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