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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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THANX!! Man, I can't even remember when or why I stopped visiting the forum, but at some point, I guess I had very little free time (what exactly is 'free time' anyway?) and posted less frequently. For the record though, I NEVER lost interest in JJ+FP...haha.

Anyway, it's Summertime...time to sit back and unwind.

Thanks again for the welcome back!! :w00t: I hope all is well with everyone.

(by the way Tim, I like all these new emoticons I'm seeing..haha)

AJ! I see you man. :thumbsup:

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I haven't posted 2 much recently cuz my computer is falling apart (tho' it's working fine at the moment). I probably won't have access 2 a computer since i have 2 go 2 Texas 4 training this week. I should get back Thursday. I'm wondering who i'll meet up with 1st...Beyonce...or Jessica Simpson....hmmm....

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