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No way...what rappers studio-enhance their voice?!? U gotta keep in mind that spitting in2 a mic in a studio and rocking a mic live are 2 different things. Sometimes FP yells a lil' 2 much in the mic, but that's just the way the songs convert 2 live shows. FP's flow on "Act Like You Know" is crisp and aggressive, yet it's kept low. When he rocked it live in NJ when i saw him, he waz alot louder with it. There's no way he could rap that song live like he didn't in the studio. U wouldn't hear him and he wouldn't be able 2 move on stage.

When most emcees and rappers perform live, they are extra sloppy and very average with it. Of all the acts i've seen, JJ+FP is the only one that has pretty much taken their songs from wax 2 and audience perfectly. I've seen De La Soul, Kris Kross, Pharsyde, Black Eyed Peas, Wyclef, and TLC live and they all kept their show 2 a great performance level. I've also seen Ludacris and Ms. Jade live...their live shows are like alot of other rappers where their songs just don't sound any good live cuz they don't have that crowd-moving ability. I like Ms. Jade either so don't think i'm siding with artists i do and don't like.
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There is a difference when live and when on stage. In the studio your alot more relaxed and your focused on making the record as good as possible, whereas when your on stage your focused on hyping up the crowd and delivering the record as best as possible. It is gonna sound different. In the studio your not walking up and down the stage.

I also love the fact that Will has no hype man. Most rappers do with the exception of a few (LL, Pharoah Monch). It shows that you can carry off a record yourself and not having to rely on another rapper (or the audience!!) to finish off your lines for you!
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yeah i think when Will gets on stage he has a lot of energy and adrelnaline going thru him so thats gonna come out in his voice too, i think he's great live tho.

Did any1 notice tho at the performance of summertime in London, he started summertime and got every1 to join in, then i think he missed his queue to start rappin, and he turned around to Jeff and said, hold on we need to do this again and made the crowd as an excuse. It might not be but thats just what i think, he did a good way of gettin around it tho. :kekeke:
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I've just watched the video again and i had this feeling too.
But thats what makes a great artist, he resolved his little problem out well, and the croud gone wild.

He's just great performing live, but im still waiting for a better video of his performance.
i've heard da brakes has one.
come up with it fast so everyone can go wild with him.

JJ+FP are just mad performing together, and the human beat box was great too.




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