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On page 9 of the June 27 - July 3 issue of TV Guide, they have a page featuring their rating of other emcees who are taking similar paths of the Fresh Prince. Insead of being rated by stars, they are rated by lil' FP heads. :roll: Here's what it says...

INSIDER: What's New, Who's Hot, What's Next


More and more rappers are following what we call the Will Smith plan: Use the cachet gained from a hit song to charm your way into your own sitcom. From there, leap into movies. The onetime Fresh Prince of Bel-Air pioneered the formula, which was followed-with varying degrees of succes-by Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and Ice-T. Now there's a new batch of MC's on the plan. Here's how they rate on our Will Power scale. - Rochell D. Thomas

EVE (3 1/2 FPs)
This 24-year-old Grammy winner has sold more than four million albums, starred in three hit films, launched a clothing line and her own TV series. And her next Will Smith move: Sharpening her "serious actor" chops in the indie drama "The Woodsman."

The MC dream team had a hit with the college set with their 2001 pot-head flick "How High." With that coveted demogrphic behind the, it's no wonder they landed a high-profile-and funny-summer sitcom.

In the 90's she could "cold rock a party." Now the Lyte (nee Lana Moorer) is just another actor waiting for a big break. Small guest roles and a gig on UPN's Half & Half have yet to show us any Will Smith crossover appeal.

On MTV and singing Eve's jammin' theme song, she can do no wrong. But until we get a chance to sample her mid-season UPN reality show about hip-hop hopefuls, we'll wait and see if she can work it in prime time.
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