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I haven't seen it yet. I really wanted 2 last weekend but i had 2 be in a wedding (including rehearsals an the reception) so it took all weekend. I'm hoping 2 catch it this weekend along with Shooter.

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Yeah i saw it opening weekend... i won't spoil it for anybody but it's definitly a good movie i looked around the theater and it was packed can't wait till the dvd comes out, not suprised it's the #1 movie in the U.S.!!!

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haha... I haven't seen it, but boy oh boy, do I remember the days of literally HOURS of 'having' to sit and watch TMNT with my sons. Ironically, I am dropping one of my sons off at the movie theatres in about 20 minutes to go watch it. haha...

unless he just changes his mind, and watch something else.. im sure hes gonna love it.



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I saw the english/american version online (streaming, dont download things i support hehe) and it was great!

The bad thing is they only release it with swedish voices here, which is kinda strange since most turtles fans are 20+ now. sharktale, finding nemo and ice age came with both english and swedish voices but guess they dont think an animated adventure will draw as many adults as an animated comedy.

I think ill go see it just to support the turtles, but TMNT wihout "dude" and those other classic expressions.. i dont know..

atleast the dvd will have the original voices.

but great movie, gotta love the turtles! :1-say-yes:

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