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what will FP look like when hes old


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[quote=Jazzy Julie,Aug 15 2004, 12:32 PM]Actually TRL did a pic of Will in the year 2034 (thats the year I, Robot was set in right). It was quite similar to W3's but obviously a bit more professional. I think the pic scared Will a bit.[/quote]
Haha! I remember that!! He looked REALLY old!! :kekeke:
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Guest Prince
Haha... Nice one W3, you do that? :kekeke:

Two photos merged together I see. Can tell from the direction of the top of whoevers head and glasses, and then the direction of his nose etc. Also, unless the maker decided that he's going to have botox, the forehead on that head just doesn't work haha. Sorry, I think I've looked into this too closely. :kekeke:
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