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Still Unsigned...The Mixtape

Da Brakes

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good job, very solid mixtape!

everything sounded good

my fav. tracks of it are (in no order):

whats happening


feel like quitting

it gets my approval, lol like it matters, and i will listen to it again, many times :respect:

Wannabe is my fav too...good work man, a quality i can only dream wit as usual :thumbsup:

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Wow this was nice! I loved every track on there...I'm going to put this on rotation for a while.

Stand out tracks...

Back Then...Dope rhymes to classic beat

Feel like quitting...Just awesome.

The beatbox track....Inventive beat...had me bobbing my head without even realizing.

The acapella track...some dope rhymes

32 bars...It was really dope to hear Ace's complex rhyming over something bouncy.

Open You Eyes....The best track in the mixtape!

Good job man!

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