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Will Smith plays Rubik's Cube


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lol, in the course I took they said its all about a pattern. I just cant see to find it, lol

Unless you're speed cubing, theres 8 algorythms you have to follow when solving the cube, I can solve it in around 2 minutes, fastest time is 2m 2secs. Once you've memorised the algorythms, you be able to keep going faster and faster.

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Now all i need to do is find out what a algorythm is.

Its a sequence of moves that makes a specific block move in a specific direction.

Just looked on YouTube, watch these and you'll solve it in no-time.



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Thnx a lot Big Willie, gonna try it out tomorrow after work.

Though what are the algorhytms exactly ? I know there are codes/algorhytms to solve each layer but what are they ?

Do you mean what are the actual codes you use? If so they are in the description of the videos I posted.

They're basically codes that makes the block return to its original place if you do it enough times.

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