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  1. Daayum, I don't have the real player, I hate the player! But thank your for upping it again!
  2. Thanks man, I was searching for these... :2thumbs:
  3. Link does not work for me :thatsux: Maybe somebody can upload it at www.megaupload.com ?
  4. Thanks man! I got a lot of more stuff but it's all in german, I'm sure you all would love this. Maybe I will write something in english next time...
  5. Oh yeah, this is it! It's great, thank you very much bigwillfan!!!
  6. Thank you very much, I like to hear that! But I never learned that I'm sure everybody can write like that if you want to. Just write down what's in your heart and make it sound good :wink:
  7. @fresh-ta-def: thx man! @cookie: I know you are right but it's not that simple. I'm in a very ****ed up situation, I don't want to write it all down here. But if a girl looks you in the eyes and sais "I love you", I trust her and I'm so happy that I cry like a lil baby. And then she's 6 weeks away and tells you that she don't know anymore if she loves you and that she don't care about you at the moment. What would you do? I was scared about that and exactly that happened... I added you to AIM, maybe we can talk a bit, would be great.
  8. I got some 9th Wonder instrumentals and of course some other, if you want something then just holler...
  9. Oh that would be great man, thank you! The scene is the bomb and the song makes it perfect. Ali get punched all the time and then BANG he wakes up and starts a fast combination. The energy that comes from this scene... I really can feel that, great job!
  10. You are right, exactly! But I can't control it and that makes me angry sometimes because I'm often sad and in a bad mood. I could be more happy without these strong emotions in me. But on the other side I give all, I put all my heart into it and I'm honest as hell. If I say "I love you more than anything else" then I mean THAT and nothing else and I say it if I want to!! Everything has a good and a bad side but at the moment I only see the bad sides :thatsux:
  11. Is the song which get played at the last fight on the ALI Soundtrack? I love this melody, when Ali starts punching Foreman it starts, the feeling is just woooa you know what I mean? I need that song...
  12. I hope I can explain this right. NOW it means for me: I'm really jealous. If my girlfriend talks about other boys or if I know that she's out with some, I'm jealous. Everybody knows what it feels like, it's a bad bad feeling. And I'm always scared to lose my girl even though I trust her. If it comes to this, the fear to lose somebody is always stronger than the love you got for this person! You say things you don't want to say, you don't know what to do because you just think that you lose the person who means so much to you. This is what FEAR IS STRONGER THAN LOVE means to me. But when I wrote the poem it had a different meaning to me. At that time it meant to me that the fear to get disappointed is stronger than the love you feel. You just scared that you will get hurt if you give your heart to that person. I hope I could explain it a little bit. My english is not that good but I work on it. I would like to speak it perfectly what is really difficult but I try my best! :1-say-yes:
  13. STRONGER THAN LOVE Remeber the last time I wrote? This Until The End Of Time ****? Now it's time to speak my mind. Stop this love-thing! My mind is clear now, I'm on top It was your damn attitude which woked me up You talked about best friends and called me one Now I know you lied, was it just fun? I am a human being don't you know that? So please stop acting fake, your soul is black I don't let you play me that's a fact 'Cause you not worth it, don't you know that? Don't call me a friend, it would be a lie Stop talkin' bull**** on ICQ, are you high? But on the other hand I am thankful to you I learned a important thing, which is true I will never do the same mistake, because: FEAR IS STRONGER THAN LOVE ! Let me tell you what's going on I was in hell for 3 weeks and I'm still strong But I can remember the point when it went wrong You always told me "Your words change nothing" I was like "Yeah but please stop clutchin'" Now I'm free and yes, I like it No self destruction, I hate it My mind say you dead, I know he's not right But it's better for me, it stops the internal fight These last years were hard, I was scared Now I know it better: FEAR IS STRONGER THAN LOVE ! Me and You is like white and black It just didn't fit, I had to accept that But it's just bad how we treat each other I think it's on you, I will not bother My heart is crying, I lost a good friend My mind is laughing 'cause you gave me the hint: FEAR IS STRONGER THAN LOVE ! ------------------------------------- I wrote this one a few weeks after I wrote "Until The End Of Time", it's like part 2 but totally different. It's like the end of the story, I changed my mind which propably saved my life...
  14. I like this one, nice diss at 50 haha and good to see you mention Pac 'cause I think that we really have to change anything!
  15. DMX - Who We Be Straight Power, I'm angry as ****!! :uhh:
  16. King of Queens & Bill Cosby Show! But I don't watch so many TV anymore...
  17. Oh **** that was funny!! :rofl: I'm from Germany but I have never seen it before, you can get Will for every joke, I like that so much, he's always happy and has a positive attitude. This video is so damn good and he is really good in speaking german :lolsign:
  18. Thank you! But it's hard to write something in another language and put real emotions in it, my english is not that good but I think it's ok. @the pic: yes I checked your site because the url got the word "design" in it hehe, I'm interested in design and I like your artwork, you got some huge talent! I saw the picture of Jeff and I had to put it in my signature :2thumbs:
  19. I wrote this poem 1 year ago so it's really old but I think it's still good! Was my first poem in english so you might find some mistakes. Please tell me what you think! ------------------------ Dedicated to... my best friend? - written on July, 28th 2004 UNTIL THE END OF TIME Take some time and listen to my words I love you baby, but you don't, that hurts Remember the good times we shared? Now it's all over, that's not fair You will always be in my heart Because you showed me how to love The truest love I have ever seen Unconditional love, that's what it has been I keep your secrets like you do with mine I will always love you UNTIL THE END OF TIME! Even are you still down, remember me 'Cause I will make you smile and feel free But if I die, will you be there to mourn me? All I can do is to be there for you Also when the day is dark and sad I will be around that's not bad It's all about passion you're my best friend Hopefully this relationship will never end 'Cause I can't breath without you, understand? Everything is fine, I love you baby UNTIL THE END OF TIME! Sometimes I have treated you bad But please forgive me, it was all so sad Suicidal thoughts, I didn't know what to do There was one thing which kept me going, it was you Hopefully you will understand me one day That's important for me because I want to stay Stay with you every dark night If I have to, believe me, I will fight Don't worry girl I'm a soldier, right? We could never be enemies Because you have been such a good friend to me And I want to let you know with this rhyme That I will always be there for you UNTIL THE END OF TIME! "If I could turn back the hands of time, you still would be mine!" - Snouf
  20. This is a good idea for a song, good concept and some good rhymes, I like it! I like those lines, I didn't know that "threads" means clothes and that a gat is a gun so thank you Mike :2thumbs:
  21. Yeah I checked her homepage and she got a lot of talent. I love this pic of Jeff so I put it in my signature. Thanks 2 everybody for welcome me at the board and giving props. I know you can't understand anything on my site but the content is one of the best, believe me. I put a lot of work in it. Tupac is one of the greatest songwriter that ever lived, his emotions and the way he put it down is untouchable!
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