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  1. Thanx for the interview! I can't wait to hear his new album, he is one of the greatest MCs ever touched the mic, one of my favourite rappers!
  2. Yeah, I like this rhyme too! What you think about this little change? Sometime i wished that life could be so simple I can't describe how i feel without usin' a pencil
  3. That's cool, good to see somebody who feels/thinks like me.
  4. Gir On My Mind is great because I also have the same thoughts, I can relate to this!
  5. Thank you very much for your feedback mfuqua! Actually I don't write lyrics to rap them, I just write it to get my thoughts out on paper and this time I wanted it to do in english. I know it's not that complex, but I said what I wanted to say with this verse. Thanks again, peace!
  6. What up ya all? It's been a while since I wrote something in english but a few days ago I wrote this little verse, maybe you feel me on this one, check it out: H E A R T B U R N Let me show you my truest fears I'm scared, can you see my tears? But I'm not scared to die I'm scared to live this life alone Always lonely makes me cry at home Nobody's with me, they all gone One girl loved me, but I played games Friendship's over, I won't call names The other girl loved me too, she is my heart We understand each other right from the start But now she's gone and I wanna know why If I could I would give her the beautiful sky With all stars and the brightest moon Give me one more chance I just need it soon I know where it went wrong, let me fix it Come back with a smile and let me kiss it My heart is burnin', it screams your name Girl, you and me not together would be a shame Take your time, no, take your time for me Show me love, show me passion, let me see Let me see you happy, let me see you smile You and me doin' it, it has been a while Please remember the time, it was crazy There's no doubt, I love you baby! This is how I feel, it must be good :1-say-yes:
  7. Nice poem! It sounds like a letter you wrote to your friend, maybe you should show her these lines...
  8. Thank you very much, I didn't see the performance yet!
  9. Thanks Hero, I did not see it yet but everybody says it's hot so it must be hot :yeah:
  10. I like that one, I wrote some similar stuff here on the board so I know what you going through. These are my favorite lines: As you said, it's nothing for a rap but it's your emotions and this is good even though you new to this! Good job!
  11. The girl I kissed 10 minutes ago... She's my favorite, no doubt!
  12. For sure you need Illmatic! And Makaveli - The 7 Day Theory -> Real Talk, no doubt!
  13. 1. Bad Boys 2 2. ALI 3. Hitch 4. Bad Boys 5. Enemy of the state
  14. Uhm, I don't like that beat, sorry man Yesterday I got something good together but I messed it up. Can you only use the sounds from fruity loops or can I sample something? I tried to import a midi file, it was loaded into the programm but I couldn't hear anything... And everything is in english, so I can't use the help function...
  15. Aw man I'm sorry, don't know what to say but I know how you feel. The song must be good, there's no way it could be bad cause you write straight from the heart, I love this! By reading this I thought about a situation in my life and you really put the right emotions down, I can relate to this. Keep your head up!
  16. Thanks for the feedback! As I said, maybe you don't like the beats but it's remixed well. I don't like techno or house too but I like some of those songs, it's a bit fresh air for Pac's music I think. And Dee is creative, he does things with Pac's lyrics nobody tries and I think it still sounds good! Of course thanks for the props on the cover, I like doing this so if you need something, holler at ya boy :1-say-yes:
  17. Any feedback on the Mixtape, even if it's negative, I appreciate it!
  18. I'm messing around with it too, I got it yesterday but I don't know how that works, it's too comlicated... I will check this beat out, thx!
  19. Eminem did the album for free!! And Afeni wanted to finish the work on the Tupac Shakur Center for the Arts so he let Em produce it. But that's no excuse, changing Tupac's voice/speed is just fake! And let him say things he never said is ****ed up too. The beats are not the big problem in my opinion, they changed his rap, his emotions, it's not the same... :thatsux:
  20. What a line hehe, I love it!! :2thumbs:
  21. Ghostface Killah - All That I Got Is You!
  22. I got something for the Pac fans over here. This is a free remix album produced by Phonkey Dee for my website www.2pacaveli.de! It got a lot of house/trance vibes because Phonkey Dee is a house DJ. There are some cool songs on there, check them out and post some feedback. I did the artwork, tell me what you think. Here's the link: PHONKEY DEE REMIX ALBUM VOL.2 - PICTURE OF PERFECTION (2PACAVELI.DE)
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