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  1. Ich war während seines Münchner Auftritts in Madrid...verdammt! Gestern hab ich dann Chemnitz einen Besuch abgestattet und es nicht bereut!!! What a night!!! Yeah, sieht aus als ob Jeff auch richtig Spaß hatte! Hast du noch mehr Fotos am Start?
  2. He just got his name from him... I have a picture of a Tupac Amaru statue...
  3. Jazzy Jeff & Mad Skillz Germany Tour: 13.04. - Berlin - 2Be Club 14.04. - Stuttgart - Rocker 33 15.04. - München - Loftkitchen 20.04. - Hamburg - Waagenbau / Astra Stuben 21.04. - Bochum - Planet 22.04. - Chemnitz - Brauclub Unfortunately the locations are too far away from me :ohdear:
  4. Forget about that beef & diss stuff! It's about good music. Dre has nothing 2 do with this mixtape, it was made by a fan for the fans and believe me it's goos music so enjoy it...
  5. I think we got some 2Pac Fans around here so I thought I can present to you this new hot 2Pacaveli.de Mixtape! Most of the Beats are from Dr.Dre - 2Pac & Dre, this is a real good collaboration if you know All eyez on me. I love the tape, it's worth a download, trust me! Enjoy it... MAK & 2PACAVELI.DE PRESENTS: CHRONIC 2006 1. Intro Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 2. The Uppercut Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 3. This Life I Lead Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 4. Don't Go 2 Sleep Produced by Dre Mixed By MAk 5. Don't U Trust Me Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 6. Still D.R.E Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 7. Komradez Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 8. New Child 2Pacaveli.de Shout Out 9. Thug Style Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 10. Fake Ass Bitches Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 11. Still Ballin Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 12. One Day At A Time Produced By New Jerzey Devil Mixed By MAk 13. **** All Yall Produced By New Jerzey Devil Mixed By MAk 14. Out On Bail Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 15. Im Gettin Money Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 16. Let's Get It On Produced By New Jerzey Devil Mixed By MAk 17. When We Ride On Our Enemies Produced By Dre Mixed By MAk 18. Loyal To The Game Produced By New Jerzey Devil Mixed By MAk 19. Im Gettin Money Remix 2 Produced By Ice Cube Mixed By MAk 20. Only Fear Of Death Produced By New Jerzey Devil Mixed By MAk
  6. MaK & Namik are the guys who remixed the tracks! Download the album, you will be blown away by **** Em All with the welcome to nyc beat, pure fire!
  7. I know we got some 2Pac fans in here so this for you and everybody else who's interested! 1. Intro (MAk Remix) 2. Uppercut (MAk Remix) 3. **** Em All Remix 2 (MAk Remix) 4. Temptations (Namik Remix) 5. Amerikkka Feat Trick Daddy (MAk Remix) 6. Can U Get Away (Namik Remix) 7. Hennessy Feat Warren G Mack 10 (MAk Remix) 8. Never Call U Bitch Again (Namik Remix) 9. My Block (MAk Remix) 10. That's Gangsta Feat Shyne (MAk Remix) 11. The What Feat BIG & Method Man (Namik Remix) 12. Who Do U Believe In (MAk Remix) 13. When We Ride On Our Enemies (MAk Remix 14. Cause I Had 2 (Namik Remix) 15. Deadly Combination 2 Beat Blend (MAk & Namik Remix) MAK & NAMIK - AGAINST ALL ODDZ (2PACAVELI.DE)
  8. Thx guys! :2thumbs: I've never recorded anything and I don't believe that I am good in rapping. Don't even have a mic...
  9. TRAPPED IN A CAGE! Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a cage Nowhere to go so I'm showin' my rage: The world around me is more bad than good In different areas people have to fight for their food Girls get raped, in the worst case they get pregnant And nobody thinks about aids, we all so ignorant Kids don't live for their future, they live for drugs But that's just a way to escape, they missin' mama's hugs People get killed on the streets, just for fun The others are scared so they start carry a gun In Africa babies die 'cause they have nothing to eat Lil' kids in the east fight in a war, die on the street The good die young, when will the world change? Never, ever, it will always be that strange Churches burnin', the only places of real peace And everyday the news show people cryin' on they knees The world is a cold place that's a true fact And tell me why has violence such a big impact? Everywhere you look you see people killing each other And on the other side of the street you see a young baby mother Carrying her beautiful baby alone so where the **** is her lover?? See, the world is our cage, we trapped and can't hide I don't want to know how many people cried As the WTC fell and thousands people died I hope 'Pac wasn't right when he said there will never be peace But we all know that he's right so stop this terror please That's our world, that's the cage we live in But on the other side we should be happy that we living...
  10. Thx cookie! By the way, where have you been girl? Haven't saw you for a long time in here... But it's great that you back :)
  11. Thanks dawg! For sure that's a compliment and there's no doubt he is my inspiration but I don't want to be like 'Pac! I write these things cause I feel like that. When I write in german, it's a totally different style, english flows better when you read it but in german I can put more heart in it and emotions. Remember, if it comes from the heart it's always the best no matter in what language! Peace
  12. D E S T I N Y Picture me Killing my destiny With the pen in my hand Look god, here I stand In don't fear nothing but being lonely The pain runs deep can you feel it homie? Now I call myself a lost soul Mybe you don't understand Only when your heart turns cold It's all in god's hands You call it destiny I'm all about passion That's the best in me My moto, fear is stronger than love I send all my memories to the man up above Maybe he can help me with the demons in my head If destiny exsist, tomorrow I could be dead These are my feelings I know you can relate If not your attitude is fake I'm proud I could never be a snake 'Cause my heart is pure it's never too late Just use your brain Stop searchin' for fame And start playin' the game Now can you see? Tell me what's your destiny! --------------------- That was a quick work, just wrote it down as it came... Holler!
  13. Same here! Good content with great rhymes and as you said it's deep, I like that Joe! :2thumbs: I look at my life and realised that I did have a choice But as loud as I wanted to scream I just didn’t have a voice
  14. Ya, these lines could be from Pac but my inspiration was Immortal Technieque's "You Never Know". Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it!
  15. Ich schreib eigentlich keine Battle Texte, aber wenn du willst können wir einfach aus Spaß mal was kicken :)
  16. Thanks KBF! I got a lot of more lyrics but they all in german that's why I don't post so much stuff...
  17. TOUCHIN' SOULS I touch your soul 'cause of the things I write in my songs You don't find jewels there or bitches in tight thongs I touch you 'cause I show you my truest fears It's hard and sometimes my face is full of tears I make you cry too 'cause I write about pain You feel my emotions that ain't a game Watch me writing this verse not for fame Shut up, you don't even know my name I just want to get these lines out 'Cause it helps me to get the pain out Picture me crying in the dark, late night With the pen in my hand, holdin' it tight That's the sad truth I feel pain in my heart - fear in my head I don't want to loose Come on, let me touch you with every line I write Building dreams and fantasies everytime I write You know what I mean, there ain't nothing like And even if you don't know me I can make you cry You don't know my methods, stop asking why I write things that hit you right in your heart About love, the pain, real stories from the start Show me some love if you feel these lines I put my heart in my lyrics, lovin' these rhymes And if your soul wants to be touched Just read my lyrics and it will get touched! What do you all think? Remember I'm from Germany so there might be some mistakes in it... :yeah: (I love this smily) :yeah:
  18. Didn't check the audio but the storytelling is very good here, I like that and I really can imagine how it would sound on Cube's instrumental, some laid back stuff. :2thumbs:
  19. You know I like lyrics like this if it comes from the heart, keep doing your thing bro!!
  20. Yes, Tupac is a big inspiration for me, I really like those lines: The world is perfect with her head on your shoulder Something to die for, so you became a soldier A soldier with heart, a soldier who cries A soldier with that much passion, that love never dies Some true stuff and it sounds great I think :1-say-yes: Anyway, thanks for the feedback Joe and mfuqua!
  21. THE POWER OF A SMILE A long time I thought that sky is the limit But now I know it better, love is the limit 'Cause if you are loved by the person you love to death You don't even know limits, you don't want to rest You feel untouchable just the way she smiles The way she smiles at you when you kiss her It's pure magic when your lips hit her's And you are happy just because she's with you Nothing else matters, just that she's with you The world is perfect with her head on your shoulder Something to die for, so you became a soldier A soldier with heart, a soldier who cries A soldier with that much passion, that love never dies At that moment you know the power of a smile And you miss it if you don't see it for a while... Hope you like it! I know some lines are not that good but I wanted to say these things in that moment so I don't think about a better solution. Let me know what you think.
  22. First of all you are very good in storytelling, for me it's not that easy to tell a story like that. Ok, I could do it in german but in english, naah :) I think some lines are too long, the flow stops sometimes but that's the problem if you want to tell a story, so props for the lyrics, good job man!
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