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  1. Hello everybody! I'm new to the board, joined yesterday and it's really cool in here, propz to the admins! Back 2 topic: I'm the webmaster of www.2pacaveli.de a german 2Pac fansite and I think it's one of the best 2pac pages around the world :1-say-yes: So I'm good in the webmaster thing and I can do graphics, I did the whole design for my website and also did some cool wallpapers and stuff like that. I'm also a writer, I write a lot of poetry, most of it in german but I got some in english too, maybe I will post something later. Most people like my poetry cause it comes from the heart, the poems often deal with love and the pain of life. Everybody can relate to that so I think it's a good thing but I don't show much of it, I just write to clear my mind, I need that! But if I write something about my girl, I show her everything and she likes it. Peace, Snouf
  2. Yes, better later than never but I think now is a better time for Tell Me Why than in 2 or 3 months. I'm happy with every single/video release, no doubt!
  3. Do you think Party Starter is a good single? I mean it could be a good single but it would be better to release Tell Me Why now I think. In 2 or 3 months it's too late for Tell Me Why, that's my opinion...
  4. Cool, I would like to hear the lines and how you flow them. Maybe you famous some day, good luck :2thumbs: I like these lines, they funny and so true hehe: But I dont't like the lines about Eminem: True, but you don't have to say that in your song :1-say-yes:
  5. Sounds more like a poetry to me. But a good poetry for sure! :1-say-yes: I like it because I'm in love too and I can identify with this stuff now. Even though I'm a man :wink:
  6. Tell Me Why! There are many good songs but I go with this one!
  7. Yeah I like those DJ Battles and this is one with Jeff so thank you very much!
  8. Thank you very much! I never saw Just The Two Of Us, they don't show that on german tv anymore. Just Cruisin' is a dope video, I just saw it 1 or 2 times...
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