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  1. gimmie' a break man. It's not my fault I a Flip Floper
  2. The Obsessed fan the 9-11th(which I understand) the Could u love me song and Scary Story they are all kind of non postive. But I like them anyway
  3. Two questions about this albume Why would will wanna make songs like "get Back" "Lean Back" and Drop It Like It's Hard"? Those are horrible songs. Did He say this as a joke? Why Is half of the songs so depressing?
  4. My New Favorite Song Is If You Can't Dance
  5. The First Track was good other than the spidermans stuff It was kind of corney but the lyrics were good I Like this ablum alot
  6. I have never heard him solo :sigh: I will say yes anyway
  7. I think Wes should have Been Flatterd because it was a tribute
  8. "So Tell Da Girls What Yall' Wanna Do You Wanna... Oooh Aaah Aaah OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" that line is classic
  9. I just heard will swear In The Tell Me Why track
  10. Do get too excited He gets verbally bashed in the film
  11. I Like Will's Other friend who isn'y in every episode. I also Like Queen Latifa's character
  12. I think it's tight. But the first song is just bad :5-scared: The Song Tell Me Why Made me cry. I give it and 8.5
  13. theyre probably lying. They are stupid like that. Thats why I left
  14. I'm A member of his official messageboard
  15. That Mask gives Will No Justice It's downright creepy the mask anyway not will
  16. I just got it I Havent played it yet but i'll let you know
  17. I Just played them again The last time I played them was 10 yrs ago After Playing them I decided I was wrong. It doesn't matter to me anymore I just enjoy them :jazzy: :woot: :spin: :wiggle:
  18. DMX Stinks Da Breaks Is Kick DMX'S Butt
  19. Sorry Blender.com is still talking about Mays Issue and I get my issues early cause I subscribe. I don't know how to scan the artical in either. Maybee you should all buy it. It's only 3.99
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