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  1. James Brown santa cla us go straight to the ghetto I don't care that it's not Christmas I still choose to be happy
  2. Like Chuck d said when james Brown died time is God I haven't been this devasted since my pops died 4 years ago almost kobe Bryant was like a long lost brother God bless...
  3. Kobe Bryant was an inspiration I always liked that song rest in beats
  4. My best friend sent me the song with busta n black thought for that alone I respect Eminem again!
  5. Gm3485 aka big Ted I never give up my favorite recording so far but I'm just getting started I'm going to be on the jjfp album God will orchestrate the moves
  6. Guy the future in 2020 the song is still relevant these are the last days praying for peace
  7. Ronald isley this song is for you album his recent music is just as strong as the classics maybe jjfp could still put out great music 20 years from now too
  8. Jjfp rock the house album happy birthday jazzy Jeff
  9. Andrew wommack podcast something to feed the spirit
  10. Jjfp rock the house aalbum where the legacy started
  11. Most of Eminem music is weak though he hasn't put out a great album since recovery I take quality over quantity I rather see Will take 10 years to drop a classic than be like Eminem and put out mostly weak music every year he's still obsessing over nick cannon n mariah to me the only mc who consistently drops great music almost every year is krs one...btw edit I know Eminem fans like rebirth might get offended you can listen to him but he ain't my cup of tea and I'm not living in the past...
  12. Eu doing the butt hard to believe that this song is almost as old as me lmao
  13. Krs one spiritual minded my favorite album from him since 2000
  14. 'll cool j exit 13 album 'll ages gracefully
  15. Slick Rick the art of storytelling album happy birthday ruler
  16. 'll cool j headsprung happy birthday to the goat
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