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  1. from a minority's point of view it's definately racism, african americans are treated unfairly in hollywood, will makes one mistake and he's labeled "angry/crazy black man", if tom cruise did this nobody would be talking about it now, what a joke, we've been treated unfairly as blacks for over 200 years in america, will's career has been about peace and love, he shouldn't be "cancelled" for one mistake when all these white actors are forgiven over and over again, alec baldwin kills somebody and still has a career!

  2. On 4/1/2022 at 6:11 AM, analogue said:

    I dunno. With the way things have been I'm scared Will is  gonna come out with a gangster rap album :smiley-laughing004:

    i'm hoping that he teams up with jeff and does a code red/willenium project in philly for the streets and get back at all; the critics, to me will's like hammer, he's harder than 99% of the fake gangsta rappers, go for eminem's crown will and go diamond with some hard heat

  3. the best way for will and chris rock to resolve this is to have a comedic versuz where they could talk all the **** they want about each other, a battle of words, and will need to do a versuz with dj jazzy jeff against dr dre and eminem and settle these beefs with the battle of words and creativity which he does best instead of fists....

  4. Well if any of you have paid attention between the book Will and executive producing Bel Air, and King Richard, he's trying to potray himself in a stronger manner than just the mr clean big willie that many gangsta rappers like eminem have dissed him for over in his career, from someone in west philly he's trying to hold his integrity that he ain't some sellout, now obviously showing violence in front of millions of people at the oscars shouldn't be justified, but talking crap about my wife ain't justified either, chris rock obviously taking will's kindness for weakness shouldn't be condoned either just like when eminem said "f will smith and f you fans that like him too", and all the crap that will had to put up with growing up, i feel bad for all the slack that will's getting, if i were him i would've confronted chris rock privately, but i could see where he's coming from but overall it's an unfortunate situation...

  5. damn do any of y'all watch dj jazzy jeff's magnificent lunch breaks and saturday block parties he has online?? it ain't just a "will smith forum"! ain't it also a dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince forum???  the best way for will to express himself is to do some online shows with dj jazzy jeff right on location, take it to the essence fresh prince, jjfp forever!!

  6. well will is one of the highest selling hip hop artists of all time(on ja rule's birthday i was reading a post saying he sold 30 million albums i mean get the hell out of here now for god's sake none of his album's came close to big willie style status), he needs to get more credit for his musical work solo and with jeff, people only give him credit for his acting career but keep in mind him and jeff helped put hip hop on the commercial map with the first grammy in history in 1988 and 30 years after that the video he did for the world cup in 2018 is one of the highest viewed videos of his career on youtube that's a testament to longevity not even ll cool j or chuck d have 100 million views 3+ decades later, if there was a jjfp album it's a possibility it could outsell kanye west, jay z, eminem,(btw it'd be a tragedy to see both eminem and jay z go to the rock and roll hall of fame before him and if that fool kanye ever gets in the hall of fame should shut down hip hop forever what a damn joke so many pioneers like jjfp rakim krs kid n play and nas should get in first way before them) and all the so called top names of today, props should be given, he did it all the classy way, a bulletproof 10+ album career with over 20 billboard hits between jeff and will over the last 35 years without one parental advisory sticker, not even ll cool j or krs one could claim that, you could say jjfp should be in the hip hop goat discussion way more often

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