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  1. come to think about it, maybe i'm a bit too hard on eminem 'cause of the real slim shady, he ain't one of the greatest but he's far from the worst rapper either, in fact i'd like to see will smith attend the hall of fame ceremony for eminem to show that there's love and not beef...

  2. to me eminem is a waste of talent mostly, but i do like that he's trying to redeem his old school image by doing projects with ll cool j dr dre and snoop dogg, that's a cool single but on the most part he ain't hall of fame worthy when jjfp, mc hammer, krs one, heavy d, and moe dee, etc... have way deeper and consistant catalogs, the goat ll cool j had to wait 13 years, why did eminem get in on the 1st year???....

  3. i was never too crazy about eminem to begin with, no interest whatsoever, he shoulda never reached the hall of fame either, to me him and 50 cent are the most overrated rappers of all time, dr dre shoulda never signed them, eminem also should be thankful that will smith focused on ali in 2000/2001 rather than going to the studio with jazzy to do a proper response to the real slim shady and if he recorded the theme to ali instead of the rapist you know who it woulda won an oscar and a grammy in 2002 and been bigger than lose yourself

  4. from a minority's point of view it's definately racism, african americans are treated unfairly in hollywood, will makes one mistake and he's labeled "angry/crazy black man", if tom cruise did this nobody would be talking about it now, what a joke, we've been treated unfairly as blacks for over 200 years in america, will's career has been about peace and love, he shouldn't be "cancelled" for one mistake when all these white actors are forgiven over and over again, alec baldwin kills somebody and still has a career!

  5. On 4/1/2022 at 6:11 AM, analogue said:

    I dunno. With the way things have been I'm scared Will is  gonna come out with a gangster rap album :smiley-laughing004:

    i'm hoping that he teams up with jeff and does a code red/willenium project in philly for the streets and get back at all; the critics, to me will's like hammer, he's harder than 99% of the fake gangsta rappers, go for eminem's crown will and go diamond with some hard heat

  6. Well if any of you have paid attention between the book Will and executive producing Bel Air, and King Richard, he's trying to potray himself in a stronger manner than just the mr clean big willie that many gangsta rappers like eminem have dissed him for over in his career, from someone in west philly he's trying to hold his integrity that he ain't some sellout, now obviously showing violence in front of millions of people at the oscars shouldn't be justified, but talking crap about my wife ain't justified either, chris rock obviously taking will's kindness for weakness shouldn't be condoned either just like when eminem said "f will smith and f you fans that like him too", and all the crap that will had to put up with growing up, i feel bad for all the slack that will's getting, if i were him i would've confronted chris rock privately, but i could see where he's coming from but overall it's an unfortunate situation...

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