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  1. I came on this board everyday from the lost and found era all the way up until i took a bit of a break after my pops passed in late 2016 from his 10 year battle of dementia (i think that introducing him to old school hip hop helped him extend his life to 82 years old when he finally passed i really wanted him to meet will and jeff just to thank them on the impact they make on all our lives) and trump was elected that was the darkest moment of my life, playing jjfp and the classic hip hop has kept my life going throughout my life's struggles i lost my closest uncle skip in feb 2020 right before covid came, then over the last year with being on locked down in this covid era i've been bumping the classics, checking the board more, watching the jeff lunch breaks on social media, reflecting on my life, and i must of recorded like 100+ songs on youtube (search my name GRACIA MILLER and you'll find me) i'm praying that when all this crap is over especially after justice for george floyd after that vicious incident maybe the world will be a better place for our future generation and i'll tour the world with jjfp and all the legends before my time is up on this earth i've been thinking about my legacy at 36 years old now especially after we lose 3 hip hop greats this month(dmx, black rob, shock g), JAZZY JEFF FRESH PRINCE REAL HIP HOP FOREVER BLESSINGS

  2. yes lsg is one of the realest groups ever, in 2006 when gerald levert passed it just shocked my world just imagine the music he'd be making today with them and his pops eddie levert if he was still with us, long live keith sweat and johnny gill real soul music needs to be celebrated, put away with that bubblegum music

    digital underground sex packets album, everybody knows humpty dance but this album was so legendary it always blew my mind, shock g's passing is probably one of the hardest since gerald levert damn this month hurts(dmx, black rob) it was like how we lost james brown after him in 2006, too many greats gone, i'm gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight

  3. hey 3cookies, i remember you jjfp sis, brings back memories of when all of us jjfp heads were on here during lost and found let's pray this covid-19 world gets back in order soon enough and jjfp drop another classic album the world needs it, my condolences on your loss, i lost my pops and uncle in the last 5 years and i'm 36 now still working on my shadow dream of being a classic hip hop artist like jjfp and all the greats we've been losing all the greats like dmx, black rob, and tonight as i'm typing shock g passed just now life is precious i'm trying to carry the torch god bless us all, real hip hop forever...

  4. i've been thinking about ice cube a lot too lately especially since what's been going on with dmx, he's one of the greatest artists ever we need to celebrate our living legends more often, give them their flowers while they're alive as well i believe nwa should be near the top always just like jjfp they're different moods but they've been my go tos for the last 25 years

  5. to add to my thoughts what i was saying yesterday on dmx the same could be said about phife dawg his music changed my life many times too real hip hop will never die no matter what happens people will be studying about this timeless music many centuries after we're all gone, forever inspired

  6. Congrats JJFP, I was only 2 when this dropped haha I wasnt really digging too much into hip hop until I was 12 in 97 but looking back this should be up there with all the great debuts like Nas Illmatic, BDP Criminal Minded, and LL's Radio timeless music, great lyrics, beats, and straight JJFP storytelling hip hop

  7. around the time that i was planning to see this movie my uncle skip passed away and covid had hit so i couldn't see it in the theater but i saw it finally the week before christmas when i bought it from amazon prime video digitally, not as good as the earlier bad boys but still one of the top movies of the century, will and martin are like shaq and kobe...

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