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  1. That article was excellent. :dope:

    But in reality, gangsta rap is also really entertaining and whatever said and done, the thug image is very much appealing to me. And I certainly don't mind buying a Shady wear or a Reebok G-Unit wear because it kind of gives the fans a closeness to the artist they love. But then again, it's only my opinion. :thatspdiddybad:

  2. Hey Justice, the sound is addictive, isn't it? :lol: But then again, you hate 50. I have a nice easy solution for you. Just watch the video for the track. It's AMAZING!!!! Such a wonderful laidback video, you'll start to love 50 Cent with that track for certain. Infact, 50 actually looks very handsome with the almost shaven look in the video. Go check it out and then listen to the song like 50 times continuosly. :dope:

  3. I say we have a big forum party/chatroom event when we reach 1000  :ithinkimkanye:

    Excellent idea. :wickedwisdom: In that case we must start to organise quickly. Here's how I planned out the areas for each of us to attend to.

    I can take care of the open bar section. :drunk: Adam James can help in vaccuming the place before the party. :drunk: Cookies can help out in the day-care centre for those mommas and poppas. :drunk: Little Ju Ju can host the costume party segment. :drunk: Timothy can be the bouncer and throw out all the unwanted gate crashers. :drunk: Michelle can handle the older men department. :drunk: Simon and Ben Dover can organise the adult entertainment. :drunk: And Wes........well he can have a special place behind the bar counter with me. :drunk: So c'mon people, move along now!!! :switch:

  4. Like Michael said, lots of nice wordplay you did there. :dope:

    Uh, why are U addressing me by name like that? Is this all to get back at me for my innocent remark of well U know? (it's okay to recognizes faces of the entertainment industry)

    Okay then, I'll start referring to you as "FuQ" as you want to be known. :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign:

    But seriously homie, I really feel that Michael is a much better name to call you as than an abbreviation that's always going to sound an as insult. What do you say?

  5. speaking of stupid lists.. the stupidest 1 I ever saw was they had MTVs greatest music video dancers or sumthin.. and they had micheal jackson at 11!!!!!  :noooo:  :noooo:  :noooo:  and nelly and p diddy and britney spears in the top 5.. these lists are garbage..they just put whoever is hot at the minute in 2 them  :whatthelerkot:

    WOW. WhattheLerkot for sure. :whatthelerkot:

  6. I always thought I wanted to be in a relationship, but I know from experience, thats its better to be single and lonely, than in an mentally, emotionally and almost physically abusive relationship.

    I think what you decided to do is probably the best thing for your kids, because abusive relationships will hurt your kids even more.

    I`m in love with a Girl that is 13 and she likes me to but here Father and here Brother said wehn i come near to here it wouldnt look good for me so that`s what i cal a f""t up situation :lolsign:

    Someone has an advice?

    Hey, you're the cute one, aren't you? So don't worry, I'm sure you'll find many more hotties in your life. So forget about this 13 year old girl. Besides, it's not appropriate to mess around with a girl who's so young.

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