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  1. Hey guys can you upload the live 8 perfomances please??
  2. Thanks man. I looked for ring my bell in my list but i haven't it, sorry.
  3. Thanks dude. It's fantastic. He did just this 2 perfomances? Not anything else?
  4. Hey, i start with the live 8 video and mtv base 100th. Those are great.
  5. If part 2 wasn't that good it doesn't mean the third one couldn't be better ;)
  6. For now a third 'MEN IN BLACK' is very unlikely. The movie is currently in development, with producers Laurie McDonald and Walter F. Parkes being the only ones on board at the moment!
  7. I didn't knew the guy who did the score for the first "Bad Boys" backed out and to be honest the score was one thing I didn't like of the sequel...
  8. I can't wait for this movie. This really seems to be one of Will's most interesting movies. The story is great and original methinks and we'll sure get a "different" acting from Will Smith, this being his first dark role. The cast seems to be great with Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman, who's also a terrific actor ("Arrested Developement"). This really sounds like the 'bad Superman' from "Superman III" which is a bad movie, too, but the part where Supes becomes evil is just great...
  9. Are you kidding? Will's performance is one of the best things in "The Legend of Bagger Vance" and I don't just say it because of I'm a fan of his but, you know, many people thought he was def one of the better aspects of the movie.
  10. Do you know if this is real or fan-made or anything else!?!?! http://www.myspace.com/willsmithproduction
  11. I will of course support him if even if he quits music! And, lerk, don't agree with you about Will's acting.
  12. He actually does "Tonight, He Comes"! Filming begins May 2007, it'll hit theaters July 2nd, 2008 in the U.S.
  13. I wouldn't say Will is as dumb as Tom Cruise. I dunno, he's a bit strange promoting "The Pursuit of Happyness". Haven't seen many of his appearances though, but I still think he's a great actor and won't change my mind...
  14. Yep, Silver Tiger. That's why Jon Peters is why "Wild Wild West" failed. The script was rewritten several times because of him and it was even re-cut to match Jon Peters' and the studio's "vision". Thank god there are intelligent people at Warner Bros. now - it's thanks to them Batman is back and better than ever.
  15. *sigh* And I was hopin' for another JJFP album or for, at least, a "Willennium Pt. II"...
  16. The main problem of Wild Wild West? Producer Jon Peters. Why? I'll tell ya later ;)
  17. Good to hear The CW picked it up, too. "All of Us" was one of the shows which was at risk.
  18. Will Smith has produced "All of Us", a sitcom for UPN. It was aired for 4 seasons but I don't know if it will return on the UPN/TheWB joint-venture The CW.
  19. Peter Berg is a very good director, who's seen "Very Bad Things" knows that ;)
  20. @ viper: Yeah, it's confusing but Alice Braga got the role. The same day she was cast I got a mail which said Gabrielle Union was probably cast and got another email an hour later in which they told me Braga (as Anna) and Richardson joined the cast.
  21. (Dec. 1992) 926389961715 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode no. 61 called The Cold War was aired December 1992
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