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  1. Guys, the photos are great, the second Beyonce one looks charming, really good quality. And the sea view is amazing, I love Nature views. Well, here's a couple of my pics, I'm into photography, though I know almost nothing about doing it properly, so i'm a rookie That one is the Plitviece Lakes in Croatia. ^^ The view from my room's window.
  2. Yeah, I would try to pick my own name. My advice to you is to try to think of something that makes you so original, something that you've known for, something you really can relate to. That would be really nice, cause everybody could easily remember you for that name, cause i expect it to be something quite material and meaningful. Good luck at this one.
  3. I - too def enjoyed the podcast. It kept me up and focused while I needed to work on my informatics class. lol It was really nice listening to it. Thank you
  4. Tippa Irie - Hallo Darling, oldies rull :2thumbs:
  5. Ah, I've been waiting for the movie ever since I heared the title, now that I saw this trailer, I'm afraid I'll be dreaming this movie (as it was with Rise Of The Machines (that was hilarious. I couldn't go watch the movie, cause i was in the country side and i had a dream that it was reality and i was there, LMAO, nothing of the actual movie, but that was fun). The point is that I'll be waiting for the movie all the time. (And I hope I'll have a dream about it. lol
  6. I actually really don't like 50 Cent the whole G-Unit and Eminem, cause I basicaly don't like gangsta rap for it's lyrics and negativity. but every time i see a couple of seconds of that song, uhm... "you know but you actin like you don't know..." I catch myself singing that. eww! :shakehead: same thing with I Waqnna Love You by Akon, the beat is so nice, I sometimes listen to the instrumental track. but I don't like Snoop Dogg. ANd I do like Get Low, and Snap You Fingers, and Real N**** Rallcall (that one I just love for some reason). (but the lyrics are "oh my...,i wish I didn't understand that much of English". I also remember I kinda liked P.I.M.P, cause the beat is catchy. But I don't listen to radio, cause on russian radio there's too much real crap. So I don't get tempted that much. :1-say-yes:
  7. That's a very nice beat, very energetic, tha's what I like about music.
  8. I def like Viv1 way more. Though I have to admit that when i firsts saw FPOBA being on holiday abroad, i watched only 3 episodes(had to come back home), so i recorded one of them (with Jazz and Jewel trying to have a baby LOL)on my camera (so there was a TV aand in the TV there was FPOBA lmao and me and my mom talking) and then after 2 months or so I got the DVDs and watched them and watched, and then way later (like 4 months) i watched the camera-footage and figured out there was another Vivian there! LMAO! That was so funny how i didn't notice that earlier. But VIv1 is still better for me. Cause she is funnier and a better actress, at least in comedy. Though I still kinda like Viv2, cause it's really hard to blend in after the "diva!" Viv1. Maybe Viv just got older and changed lol.
  9. The guy from the Christmas episode who was a sheriff and a somebody-else at the same time. "What's this? A pajama party?!...." (there was actually something else after this, which i can't figure out).
  10. Yeah. What song is it? And what's the song from the episode when they were shooting a video in the Banks mension? That was a really nice song for me.
  11. Hey! My first ever post in here! I could never think it's Alfonso, though i watched the video many times. But now i def see it's him. I don't think Will has anything to do with it. If only he intruduced them some time ago. But i don't want to guess, there are too many possibilities.
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