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  1. Will Smith, known for shirking rhymes about bling and violence for more upbeat messages, is using his new album to prove he's got a tough side, too. The rapper/actor is releasing his fourth solo album, Lost and Found, on March 29, featuring the track "Mr. Nice Guy," about how people mistake him for being soft. And according to a statement by his spokesperson, Smith has "sumthin' for Eminem" in the song. The album, which Smith calls a "departure" from his previous albums, which include Born to Reign (2002), Willenium (1999) and Big Willie Style (1997), will be led by the single "Switch." The track is "a snapshot of my life," Smith said in a statement. "It's the most in-depth, revealing writing that I've done in my career." Also included on the LP are collaborations with longtime partner Jazzy Jeff (with whom Smith recorded five albums as DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince), Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, Timbaland and Snoop Dogg, who worked with Smith on the track "Pump Ya Brakes." Smith, who started laying down tracks for the album in 2003 and ultimately recorded more than 50 songs, said that the new album is best described as old-school retro hip-hop, and that the music is more serious than in the past, but is still just as fun. With his latest feature film, "Hitch," having just debuted in theaters at #1 (see "Love Beats Hate As 'Hitch' KO's 'Boogeyman' "), Smith will take a break from acting for the next six to eight months to focus on his music. This report is from MTV News. http://www.vh1.com/artists/news/1497007/02...requestid=72373
  2. haha, good question... here and there. :) well, i moved to berlin 4 months ago, where i make my civil service (instead of army). in my flat there i unfortunately don't have internet :( i'm at home for holiday right now, where i have internet. before my movement to berlin, i dunno, i just needed a jjfp timeout or sumthin :) but now i'm of course interested in all the new stuff will and jeff's comin up this year. Especially because Will gonna visit berlin in a few days!! i hope i can make it to go that hitch premier. nevertheless, i'm not so jjfp-focusd than maybe 2 years ago... i of course still love them, but i'm not the mega fan anymore that i used to be. like i said i'm still mad interested in their upcoming stuff, so a lil' summery would be apreciated :)
  3. oh and btw, is it still possible to download switch here? if yes, how exactly?
  4. hey everyone. i just saw the movie "dancing in september" from 2000 in tv last night. It's a very hard criticism of the tv sitcom business, especially black sitcoms well and all the fights and dirt that's behind the camera, like fights about power and popularity. well, james avery (uncle phil from tfpoba) has a role in this movie and the movie takes also reference to will in tfpoba. so i wonder whether james avery was not happy with the development tfpoba tool over the years... after watching the movie i realized that in the beginning of tfpoba there was really more deepness, like uncle phil and will talking about malcolm x etc whereas in the later episodes it's more or less all about the fun...i was also remembered of the leaving of the first aunt vivian... so i think james avery shares the criticism with the whole sitcom business... has anyone else ever seen this movie? if not, i really can recommend it.
  5. "Are you a masicist who enjoys revelling in other peoples pain???" yep, that's it.
  6. "Luckily ....I dont eat at Wendys ....I eat at KFC or better yet MacDonalds" uhm, did you check the links i posted?
  7. there's no difference for me! so u prefer living in a dream world and don't want to know about the cruelty of the world?
  8. true, but ignoring the bad news ain't the right way neither...
  9. yeah, he's right when he says he can't make a decission based on cnn...but why the hell he doesn't do some research on the topic (and i don't mean watch fox in addition! hehe)
  10. yeah, there are alot of rumors, but there's fact too! just check this: [url="http://www.peta-tv.de/video_play.php?player=rp&speed=dsl&xp=38"]http://www.peta-tv.de/video_play.php?playe...speed=dsl&xp=38[/url] and [url="http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/Prefs.asp?video=pilgrims_web"]http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/Prefs.asp?video=pilgrims_web[/url] good appetite and conscious the next time you eat sumthin at kfc. "If i had the time and money, i'd never eat it...." :speechless:
  11. great...can't wait to hear it. i wonder waht it will sound like. did he say the video will be out in 6 weeks or the cd??? cause usually the video is out 1-2 weeks before the single release...
  12. "the nations' most prolific hit singer-songwriter" uugh, that sound's baaad, sounds like a guy who produces tv-casted stars for me... "don't diss reggae music, it's fun music" sorry, but i think you haven't got the essence of reggae yet. where do you take it from, that the will/elephant man track will be on will's album? it also might be on elephant man's album...or did i miss sumthin?
  13. hey tim! finished school...working a little bit until i start my civil service in octobre....and in august i'll see jeff live!!! yeah, so life is fine!!! :) my remark wasn't meant to be funny tho'...this kfc gang is really a bunch of crooks. i have to be that oppinion as a vegetarian.
  14. yeah stecki, jay dee and madlib are very very dope!
  15. i hope he will never ever be seen in an advert of this criminal bastards of KFC!!
  16. Slick Rick has signed with Def Jam for his first album since spending 17 months in a federal detention center. "It's gonna cater to the mature audience," he said, adding he hopes to collaborate with Elephant Man. ... Speaking of the dancehall star, Elephant Man will release "Cock Up Your Bumper" with Big Tigger and Sasha as the next single from his breakthrough Good 2 Go album. He also revealed he just finished a track with Will Smith. ... [url="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1489241/20040706/lachey_nick.jhtml?headlines=true"]http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1489241/2...?headlines=true[/url] dunno if you know it already.
  17. good news!! i hope the album will be better than btr, tho...after all, i think it's his worst album, very average. sorry guys. what's up with jeff now, btw, since the beat generation isn't anymore?
  18. LETVIA!!!!!!!! i'm gonna support them! or suisse...they're dope too! :thumb:
  19. ... i mean except gossip? does he have any other projects than i, robot (btw, when will that be released?) and his album (shouldn't that have been released long time ago??)
  20. what's the difference between the usual version and the limited edition? can anyone tell me? is the LE with the original tracks or what?
  21. Hey y'all (especially AJ & Tim :biggrin: ) i'm sellin' my ensoniq jazzy jeff / a touch of jazz sound library! for more info: write an e-mail @ bennyweb@t-online.de i also have the whole thing as mp3...so everybody who's interested, write me an e-mail!! btw: the new forum is dope!
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