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  1. haha, yeah....well, that hasn't changed either: AJ is always the first to hear new stuff ;) ...album out in march + my birthday in march = dope! :) damn, i definately fell in love with "all i know"
  2. great stuff ... haha, it's really nice how everybody here is always really hyped about new stuff, thinking that it will be even better than the last one :) over the years that hasn't changed. nice. well, i think on this ep there's no burner as it was for da love of da game back in the days, but especially all i know is really a great track. and i'm feelin whatever u want too.... so....what's the release date of the album? ...or for the album?? damn prepositions.
  3. i guess you guys know this already, but i post it anway, just to make sure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4q5REnX27k
  4. http://www.myspace.com/readyrockc you probably know the page already that poke ya ass is pretty much crap, isn't it?
  5. haha, ist that topic still discussed??
  6. haha, wow, he spinns Smells Like Teen Spirit in another video there!
  7. damn, i kinda regret not going there...i guess jeff won't be tourin germany in near future again.... but i would have paid 34€ only to get to Stuttgart and back...plus 10€ entry...plus beer, well that would make over 50€, and i just couldn't afford...but, damn it dj kool too. but i'm glad you had a great time defcem!
  8. well, where on earth have i been? good question. here and there... have moved twice. first to berlin, now i'm in a small city called freiburg and i'm studying english and philosophy. my interests have changed a little over the years, that's why i'm not haning around in internet boards as much as i used to do, but i still check tim's page from time to time in order to keep a bit informed what jj and fp are doing....well and i was pretty interested in that project of will, so i just thought i check the board and ask for some more info. btw, who's still here from the good old sony board days except you and tim?
  9. hey defcem, wo genau kommst du denn her??!? stuttgart wär bei mir auch noch im bereich des möglichen...muss mal kucken.
  10. hey everyone! just read in the news section something about a collaboration album with poyser and questlove producing it or at least some tracks....couldn't figure out what exactly it will loke like though....will it be a will smith album on which every track features an artist or what? i guess, there's already a topic about this somewhere, but i'm just too lazy to search :) so thanks for any further info about that album! i'm really interested in that.
  11. "I also have a Will Smith doll, sorry action figure" haha, that reminds me on tha FPOBA episode with the shaft doll ... "it's an ACTION FIGURE!!" haha
  12. oh, so i was pretty wrong it seems haha ... could you please tell me who produced the tracks i listed here?
  13. ok, i just downloaded some of the trax of lost&found, and i just wondered about one thing: how can there be such a huuuuge gap between two remixes of the same song?? i mean, that r&b remix of switch is just very very god, and that hidden remix with this elephant man or whatever is just some of the biggest bull**** i've ever heard...haha... trash!
  14. i just got my hands on "In The House" .... love it ... some tracks are a little bit too straight house (i mean those, in which are a pretty "hard" house beat for minutes, know what i mean?) but it's definately some dope funky-jazzy-souly-housy **** :-) like it...just haven't foun the time to check that media stuff out yet ...
  15. ...for starting a new topic about l&f, but i only saw that topic with this press reviews, so where is the one for the personal reviews? i only listened to the audio tracks at amazon, but what i can say from this is: all of the tracks on the album are definately better than switch! and some sound really dope from the short parts i could listen to at amazon, which would be: Scary Story, Loretta, Could U Love Me and that Switch Remix (i guess most of these tracks are produced by JJ, am i right?)...Here He Comes sounds pretty good too ... the rest sounds boring...tho' i think i could like that snoop dogg track. peeeace!
  16. definately the ensoniq jazzy jeff/a touch of jazz sound library!
  17. oh, and i don't think hiphop is or should be all about fun... isn't it the variety of topics and sounds and styles etc that makes hiphop so interesting and great?
  18. like you said, everbody got his own oppinion... and if my oppinion about the track is bad why not expressing my dissapointment? should i say nothing so that everybody thinks that everybody loves the track ... a forum is only interesting when there are some different oppinions. it would be kind of boring if everyone would like and say the same, don't you think?
  19. ... and i agree again ... and before everybody tells me i'm a hater etc... i know what i'm talkin bout cause i used to be as much as hyped as y'all when a new will track came out ... i'm not anymore, and i can tell you: this is maximum a very average will song, just compare with other older singles. i mean not like giving summertime a 10 and so switch must have lesser... i mean, all the old singles had this unique will style, it was just fresh prince or big will or whatever, but this track is just so, so usual .... where's my Will Smith??
  20. i finally heard the track and i agree with you defcem ... i gave it 3 points out of 10 .... that hhhhheeee-eeeeey-eeeyy and uuuuh-uuh is just terribly awfull and boring!!! what i like most is the sax in the hook... i usually like these fast clap beats - in honeymoon days by arrested development it's just incredible dope - but the one in switch doesn't really fit with its bass in my opinion. it just gets boring at the end of the song. will's rapping is good...not great, not bad. i think this is will's worst first single out of an album ever ... like defcem said: i don't think it's true what everybody here says: that will is soooo different from all other artists in the mainstream. all the others are not real, but will is ... Will's just jumping on this boring kind-of-hiphop-dancehall-ass-shaking train. i'm honestly and deeply disappointed by this track.
  21. oh, i loved that show!!!! and they also have something about captain n on this site!!! :rock: i loved that one too...
  22. well, i don't like eminem that much, but he's doin his thing and you have to respect him for that. he often just wants to show society its own hipocrasy by provoking ... a lil bit like manson ... so even tho' i don't like the musical style of these two artists you have to respect them as artists with own message (especially manson is a very intelligent person) so, there are alot of much worse mainstream rappers than eminem.
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