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  1. This is done, on a fresh new server. Everyone should start seeing the site reappear by now.
  2. Tis true...the old account is suspended so nothing changes on that "copy" of the site. If you're on windows try this: start > run > cmd > ipconfig /flushdns might fix your problem with seeing the wrong server.
  3. Move is done, Tim will be back when his ISP gets the domain name update so he can connect to the new server. :wickedwisdom:
  4. Tim is a loser, he lives in a place that's summertime when it's really winter, people drive on the wrong side of the road, and water going down the toilet spins backwards. I don't like him. :signthankspin:
  5. A+++ GOOD STUFF!! WILL READ AGAIN!! :rofl: :rofl:
  6. Here's an interesting one... Inside the server that hosts this website, every time you visit this site you make lights blink on it :wiggle: (Excuse the crappy camera phone pic)
  7. Every time I check back the post count just keeps climbing, way to go Tim :2thumbs:
  8. you guys should give Tim a break, he flopped down some cash for the new software and it hasn't even been online for 24 hours yet...don't bash it till he has a few days to work on it, nothing looks great in the beginning.
  9. Well like anything you get the bad with the good, I'm an engineer in a internet datacenter and a good bit of our "crap" traffic comes from Vietnam, Russia, China, and Taiwan. We filter out as little as we can to keep access open for everyone to the 2000 or so servers we host and the hundreds of thousands of websites on those servers. On the other hand on my personal servers it's a bit more personal, some of the countries have gotten so bad about this hacking/virus/worm crap that I just block large ranges of internet addresses from those countries...it's honestly like they have nothing better to do with their time but to cause trouble. When issues like this come up in the US then we as the hosting provider contact other hosting providers and ISP's to deal with the issues that come up. These other countries that I listed above just don't give a damn what their users do, we file abuse reports and threaten to block their internet addresses and they never bother to say anything...well so be it...we block them. Oddly enough the only time we ever hear from these places is when they have a user that can't reach websites in our data center...geee I wonder why. So I'm sorry I have to ruin it for the "real" users but the bad out weighs the good in this case. My time is more important to keep my servers running in top condition than to leave them "open" and chase down foreign hackers/script kiddies everyday so that some legit traffic can get through. This by no means says that the entire Vietnam population alone is a bunch of worthless people, but it does say something about the overall picture of things. But like with any other race/culture you always have the morons who ruin it for everyone else. Incase anyone was wondering this was not a hacker, this is what’s referred to as a “script kiddie”…this is basically someone that read about a hole in some software on some “hacking” site then runs to google to search for versions of software that is vulnerable and on the net…then that person runs around to all of them, not caring what the site is about and just “hacks” it following the steps someone posted somewhere. Their only goal is to “hack” as many sites as they can and tell all their little wanna be friends so they look “cool”, I deal with this crap almost every day on customer servers…it gets old after awhile. This forum is slightly outdated and does have a hole in the software which allowed the access for this person to delete some posts and rename the forum, they still couldn’t do anything with the website account itself or the server. I’ll be addressing outdated software issue with Tim in the next few days, so we can avoid this problem in the future. ALSO! if any of you know of anyone in Vietnam that are “real” members on this forum I need to know their usernames, so I can find their internet addresses and try to let them through the firewall.
  10. OK everyone go look around the forum and make sure everything is back to normal. The entire country of Vietnam has been blocked at the firewall, that place seems to be pretty much worthless for any valid internet traffic.
  11. WHOIS results for Location: Viet Nam Looking up at whois.apnic.net. Using 0 day old cached answer (or, you can get fresh results). Displaying E-mail address (use sparingly -- this will make it more likely that you will trigger our rate limiting system). % [whois.apnic.net node-2] % Whois data copyright terms http://www.apnic.net/db/dbcopyright.html inetnum: - netname: VNPT-VNNIC-VN country: VN descr: Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT) descr: 23 Phan Chu Trinh st., Hanoi capital, Vietnam admin-c: NXC1-AP tech-c: KNH1-AP status: ALLOCATED PORTABLE changed: hm-changed@vnnic.net.vn 20041011 mnt-by: MAINT-VN-VNNIC mnt-lower: MAINT-VN-VNPT source: APNIC person: Nguyen Xuan Cuong nic-hdl: NXC1-AP e-mail: cuong.ng@vnn.vn address: Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT) address: 18 Nguyen Du street, Hanoi capital, Vietnam phone: +84-4-9430427 fax-no: +84-4-8226861 country: VN changed: hm-changed@vnnic.net.vn 20040527 mnt-by: VNPT source: APNIC person: Khanh Nguyen Hien address: Vietnam Datacommunications Company (VDC) address: 258 Ba Trieu street, Hanoi capital, Vietnam country: VN phone: +84-4-8212680 fax-no: +84-4-9760397 e-mail: pbthuy29@vnn.vn nic-hdl: KNH1-AP remarks: Contact: pbthuy29@vnn.vn mnt-by: VNPT changed: admin.vnn@vnnic.net.vn 20020604 source: APNIC Vietnam just got their asses firewalled, ****ing morons ha censored, F U TIM haha
  12. Who is this guy Hax? yeah Hax sounds like a hacker! actually, he's the guy that works for whoever hosts Tim's website. he's like Tim's technician. he can help sort out whoever hacked the site and restore the posts. all the stuff that's too complicated 4 Tim to do. I own the servers, I'll fix the forum in a min...
  13. yeah I was hoping you'd get a better route into the data center with this move, it's instant loading at work since I'm in the data center across the street from it, even at home it's instant and it's 78miles away this turned out well :thumb:
  14. You guys should notice that the forum is faster, (if it wasn't already) if any of you noticed, around 4am-6am EST everyday the forum would get slow, this was the server backups running. This should be cleared up since this is a much faster server, although you may see it load down from time to time, it should be rare though. Complain to Tim if you have/see any problems and he can scream at me :rosik:
  15. I had nothing to do with this...I swear :cya:
  16. ha oh man, Tim pointed out this post to me and I'll toss you a few points cause man I've been there waaaaay too many times. the first thing that jumps out at me is "I loved her so much"... err...well no you didn't, it's called an infatuation (infatuation n 1: foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration 2: temporary love of an adolescent [syn: puppy love, calf love, crush] 3: an object of extravagant short-lived passion)...a few months and your age is hardly any grounds to love someone... next up is "Now shes only my 2nd girlfriend ever but she was the best." the best? so there's a 50/50 chance to that...you're either going to like her or hate her...most common odds are if this is the girl AFTER your first girlfriend then she's probably better, else you'd still be with the first girl...follow what I'm saying? when a girl says "fine and nothing is wrong" with a voice tone that's not normal then that's usually a sure sign the world is about to end... "She said shes just stressed out with alotta stuff and shes "not over her past"" this is the typical response from a girl that has no clue what she wants, and the "stressed out" crap is an easy way out. You can't really argue with it and she doesn't have to defend it...keep pushing her about it then it will start a fight, but wait it gets better...if it breaks into a fight she can say "see what I mean? I'm too stressed" it's almost like she wants it that way because then she won't feel guilty about ditching you because it's now justified...you stressed her out...crazy spin on things huh? "its hard to explain, i dont know" well duh...everything that you don't want to explain is hard to explain...it's like the "whatever" reply you get from a girl...it's not really whatever it's just that she has no idea what to say but still wants to get the last word in. "and i find out that she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend richie" here's some simple advice...she'll have feelings for anyone who gives her attention and she will not think twice about finding more attention elsewhere...don't ever assume A girl is YOUR girl...she's only your's till she finds someone else. "they dated for a year on and off during 8th to 9th grade and she says he dumped her many times and hurt her by being dumped" this my friend is what we call DRAMA...girls can't live without it, this is the same kinda rule that applies to a girl who gets hit by her b/f all the time and she says with him, she has it locked in her head that she can change him or someday be good enough for him that's why she keeps going back...it's not a matter of being dumped over and over it's a challange and it has loads of drama. "so these past 10 days i have been really upset because i thought she was the one and i really loved her. " explain what you think love for her is...oh wait...you're already wrong...honestly "plus shes been avoiding me in school cuz she "needs time to get over me". she'll be right back on you and/or whoever else she can find once the other guy ditches her again...it's all about attention and getting it from whoever will give it. "So now...i find out tonight she and richie are at the movies and i know their prolly hookin up" ok simple DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT SHE'S DOING...it's not your problem "I'm just waiting for her to come online and ill read her profile that says something like "<33 richie 12.10.04" or along the lines of that." that is a perfect way for her to keep you in the loop because it's an indirect way of her getting attention...and she knows you'll read it... "if that does happen or they become a couple in the next few days" who cares?? this is not the only girl in the world "she says we "kinda rushed"" girls need attention...you have to rush these things :hilarious: "Now why the hell would she go back to someone who emotionally hurt her a few times?" see above, it's drama she has it in her head she can change him or be good enough for him...it's hardwired into her head weather she knows it or not. "What should I do?" simple, ignore her and move on with your life, nothing will get her back more than seeing you happy with someone else while she's still playing bounce around with guys and earns herself a slut reputation...and you don't want ANY part of that...trust me. "One half of me just wants to tell her off and forget her but the other half wants me to just be her friend " don't tell her off...just leave it alone and let it die....and DO NOT be her friend, keeping her around will only eat away at you...again trust me on that...and honestly after what she did to you what good of a friend is she? you just seem to have an attachment problem...you'll grow out of it before you know it though. "damn 4 months and 2 weeks down the freakin drain...and just to think that the 17th woulda been 5 months!" 5 months is nothing, it's not even enough time to decide if you have reasonable feelings for someone or not...and trying to make goals out of dates only makes the actual time spent together less valuable. "but damn! why'd YOU become such a bitch?" welcome to life, that's what girls do. Don't take any of the above personal...I'm just not going to sugarcoat things and tell you "oh that was the way it's meant to be bla bla bla" there it is in plain text take it for what it's worth. Tim can vouch for the fact that I know how girls work, took years to finally figure out how they think and now I can damn near read them like a book now. But for real leave girls alone, enjoy being young, go out have some fun, date girls just don't get serious till you've spent some time on that person and you get to see the real them. People in high school and even middle school are so quick to try and grow up they step right over the fun parts of being in school and having a good time before the real world gets you. If you go out with a girl you shouldn't be in love the next day...or even the next month for that matter.
  17. alright, members can pick their own forum theme from their profile now direct link for lazy people http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/inde...=UserCP&CODE=06
  18. damn dude I figured you knew that...you suck at the interweb :slap:
  19. 1280x800 on my little laptop :dancingcool: but yeah I can see how the 830 wide banner can annoy people on 8x6, 780 is the bigest you can go and keep it in the frame...that's assuming no outside table size, on this theme I'd say 740 banner size Why not make this the default theme and let people select the other theme if they get tired of looking at this?
  20. oh look heres the log of me posting that message :kekeke: Play nice everyone, Tim works hard on this site, don't annoy him with BS
  21. I don't get the logic of people having more than one username...do you not realize that usernames can be cross matched to IP's in less than a minute to see who's who? Only time I see where signing up under a second name is for humor with other members with good intentions, but when it starts getting childish like this what was the point to begin with? On the flipside every move anyone on the site makes is recorded in the web server logs, if I really wanted to take the time to go look I could tell you everything Tim clicked, uploaded, downloaded, etc on this site today. This also includes bored people who like to delete things... And yes this site is backed up daily, once I got the info from Tim about what happened it took me less than 20 mins to restore the entire site, files, and databases...and that includes about 10 mins of typing in commands wrong on the server while I was still half asleep. :laugh2:
  22. give me the IP's Tim I'm going to block them at the firewall and report the abuse to their ISP's
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