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  1. thx Tim, email me at jason.jones AT pixelstash.com and I can get you a domain name for $9/yr and a cheap hosting plan better than what we list on the site. this site is on one of the pixelstash servers and has been up for 143 days nonstop without a reboot with no problems...I guess we're doing something right
  2. Sup everyone, I'm helping Hero get this together. the new software is much more feature rich, and yeah I agree everything sucks till you get a feel for it. On the new forum you will have much more control over what you do and considering this is just a base install the colors and such are default, it will take a little time to get things together. From a server admin stand point UBB sucks, its so two years ago. I also hate the fact that I see Invision and Vbulletin everywhere but you have to face it they have the most features. I just switched a forum from phpBB to Invision because I couldn't wait on the needed features in the new version of phpBB that still doesn't have an official release date. I'm now slowly falling in love with Invision just because of all the control I have over everything, I'm not 100% sure what Hero's plans are but there is a good bit of 3 party software that integrates with Invision so in effect he has a ton of expansion options for the site, I won't go into technical details but his choice to install Invision was a good move. Give it some time and let him get everything setup then you'll see a non-sucky Invision board, I'll see about adding on some extra features. Last but not least Invision Board 2.0 is due out soon with even more features so honestly this is probably the best position to be in right now as far as usability and features. Give it some time, I'm gonna help him out so this thing gets tweaked with all the options soon and everyone can start playing with the features and getting used to things.
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